LaQuan Smith debuts Asos collaboration, complete with sexy plus-size and curve styles

"Every woman wants to feel beautiful and sexy. It’s my job to evoke those emotions through design.”

The emotional and financial costs of wedding dress shopping as a plus-size bride

How broken is an industry where the majority of its customers are too big for its dresses?

AllGo is a Yelp-like app that reviews how fat-friendly restaurants and other public spaces are

Several leaders of the body positivity movement, including Roxane Gay and Tess Holiday, are publicly supporting the upcoming app.

With new collections from Universal Standard and Wildfang, size-inclusive workwear gets cool

Wildfang just debuted its own line of suits and Universal Standard carries workwear now, too.

Danielle Brooks on her first fashion collection and what plus-size women need from fashion now

Danielle Brooks' first collection is with Universal Standard, and it's very good.

The self-proclaimed “fat girl” combatting the stigma of traveling while fat, one selfie at a time

#FatGirlsTraveling started as a hashtag. Now it's a movement.

A fat girl’s dress code for the summer, as told by this very fed up plus-size YouTube star

Loey Lane is here to tell you what you should and shouldn't wear this summer.

With the #DiaARMy, Dia&Co is trying to encourage plus-size women to celebrate their upper arms

The hashtag is already working, with women posting pictures of themselves looking fab in sleeveless shirts and dresses.

Plus-size bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason team up for their own fashion brand, Premme

The first collection goes up to a size 30 and pieces range from $30 to $89.

Plus-size and curve models are ready to move beyond the body positivity conversation

The conversation still needs to be had, but some things needs to change.

Despite significant buying power, plus-size women remain a rarity in print campaigns

Out of the 444 model appearances in print ad campaigns, plus-size women were only cast 10 times.

Victoria's Secret model Maria Borges makes history again — this time on 'Elle' magazine

Borges is the first African model to get the cover since 1997. She's also rocking natural hair.

Why is it still so hard to find a good plus-size swimsuit?

For plus-size women, finding a swimsuit is a living, breathing hell.

This curve model just got real about why we shouldn't ever use the term "real women"

"Just because I am saying I've gotten boobs and whatever doesn't mean that when I was size 2, I wasn't a real woman."

12 of the most iconic and inclusive fashion campaigns of all time

From plus-size models to models with body hair and stretch marks, these are the campaigns that embraced diversity.

Target's latest swimsuit campaign includes no photo retouching and plenty of stretch marks

Target's latest swimwear campaign features plus-size model Denise Bidot, a TV host and a skateboarder.

What really constitutes a plus-size male model? The answer, it turns out, is far from clear.

Although strides are being made, the definition remains unclear.

ASOS launches plus-size and tall sections for men, addressing a major gap in the retail market

There's now over 200 clothing items for plus-size men, with hundreds more expected to drop in late February.

Ashley Graham's daring new photoshoot proves that plus-size models can do high fashion

Graham breaks through the Lane Bryant bubble and shows everyone how it's done.

7 times curvy women stood up for their damn selves in 2016

These women had something on their minds — and they said it.


Model Barbie Ferreira is calling out the plus-size industry's lack of inclusivity

"This industry is not cute, never has been."

How one fashion brand is finally catering to the underserved plus-size man

Plus-size men, or big and tall men, have widely been ignored.

Khloé Kardashian makes her opinion on being labeled plus-size crystal clear: "F*ck that."

Khloé Kardashian, like Amy Schumer, wants nothing to do with the label.

The troubling history of the plus-size section — and where it has to go from here

There's obvious problems in the section, so we got down to the root of the cause.

Nadia Aboulhosn on how we can get a plus-size model on that Victoria's Secret runway

Though Victoria's Secret doesn't have to, Aboulhosn sees a way to convince them otherwise.

Spring 2017 fashion weeks were the most inclusive on record — but it's not all good news

Racial diversity grew while plus-size and transgender models continue to struggle getting seen.

Danielle Brooks issues a powerful call for more plus-size representation in fashion

"Editors, we want to be seen. Designers, we want to be dressed. Retailers, we want options. Women, we must do this together."

Danielle Brooks of 'OITNB' calls out the beauty pressures curvy women of color face

She said it's often acceptable to be plus size if you're curvy in all the "right" places.

15 images that show this was the most diverse NYFW ever

There were some beautifully diverse moments behind the scenes.