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8 hours ago

This teen's prom dress features the faces of black people killed by police

Milan Morris showed up to her prom in Florida ready to make a statement.

April 19, 2017

Freddie Gray died 2 years ago today — and Baltimore is still seeking police reform

Civil rights leaders are pressuring Baltimore officials to be transparent in forming a new civilian police oversight task force.
April 14, 2017

Two Georgia police officers fired after they were caught on tape beating Demetrius Hollins

The officers' conduct speaks to a larger problem of unlawful use of excessive force by police in the United States.
April 13, 2017

Jeff Sessions may have doubts about police reform agreements. But they actually do work.

Police consent decrees have given residents hope after years of unchecked abuse by officers.
April 11, 2017

Chicago police insisted man dragged off United flight "fell," despite clear video evidence

Video footage showed Department of Aviation guards slamming the man onto another seat, but CPD insisted he "fell."
April 7, 2017

Federal court OKs Baltimore police consent decree, despite Jeff Sessions' objections

A federal judge in Maryland said Jeff Sessions' request to delay police reform in Baltimore came too late.

April 4, 2017

"We still have a dream" banner flies in Memphis, 49 years after MLK's assassination

Movement for Black Lives and Fight for $15 organizers launch day of remembrance for the late civil rights icon.
April 4, 2017

Sessions orders Justice Department to review all police reform agreements made during Obama's presidency

Sessions' review may mean many of the agreements are dismantled, or never enforced.
March 31, 2017

Police shooting investigations are rarely transparent. Just ask these victims' families.

Years later, the families of Laquan McDonald, Ramarley Graham and Michael Brown are still getting crucial details.
March 27, 2017

NYPD officer who killed Ramarley Graham resigns. Graham's family says justice wasn't served.

"New York City should be appalled with this decision," Ramarley Graham's mother said.
March 23, 2017

Protest groups to unite as "The Majority" for massive actions across the country on May 1

Activists hope to build a broader coalition and make a show of force on May 1, International Workers' Day.

March 13, 2017

The new Michael Brown video won't tell us anything we didn't already know

The video is yet another reminder that the presumption of innocence is a privilege reserved for black victims' nonblack killers.
March 9, 2017

Two major issues President Trump's law and order administration need to address

If the president wants to see the laws applied fairly, he should take look at the people in prison and the officers who put them there
Feb. 28, 2017

Loretta Lynch says Trump, Sessions present "challenging times" for civil rights in the US

The nation’s first black female attorney general said fights to maintain civil rights may get painful in the Trump years.
Feb. 26, 2017

Kentucky police remove Punisher skull with "Blue Lives Matter" on it from squad cars

The Punisher is best known as a mass-murdering vigilante.
Feb. 24, 2017

Tidal's visual EP '17' invokes Trayvon Martin to send a powerful message about race

The creators of the visual EP said they hope to continue a conversation spurred by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Feb. 22, 2017

Exclusive: Eric Holder says Trump loosed a "spirit of disunity" in his first month as president

The former attorney general talks to 'Mic' about the new president, his civil rights legacy and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Feb. 13, 2017

Just wearing a police uniform instantly affects how we perceive others, study shows

Participants who wore a police uniform demonstrated biased attention against people wearing hoodies.
Feb. 11, 2017

Protests, riots continue after Paris police accused of raping 22-year-old black man with baton

Protests continued well into Saturday, with at least one car set on fire.
Feb. 9, 2017

Black activists are universally condemning the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The appointment of Jeff Sessions is "terrifying," "a scandal," and "a grave mistake," black activists said.
Feb. 9, 2017

The Baltimore police officer who shot Curtis Jamal Deal “had it out for him,” family says

Deal, 18, was fatally shot by police Tuesday afternoon.

Feb. 3, 2017

Black Lives Matter shares must-see contemporary art to celebrate Black History Month

In the monthlong series, artists and writers imagine what the future should look like for black lives.
Feb. 2, 2017

After her NYPD arrest, Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr says its her duty to fight Trump

Donald Trump's administration is expected to review the 2014 police chokehold death of Gwen Carr's son, Eric Garner.
Jan. 26, 2017

New footage shows Fort Worth cop arresting mother who called police to protect her son

Disturbing body cam video shows what really happened that day.
Jan. 25, 2017

Trump says he wants to "send in the feds" in Chicago, but that's a historically bad idea

"There is no violence-prevention expert in America that would agree that martial law works."

Jan. 20, 2017
Jan. 13, 2017

The Department of Justice just slammed Chicago PD for rampant racism and abuse

Chicago residents dont have "lawful, responsive and transparent" policing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Friday.
Jan. 13, 2017

Learning from his past mistakes, Al Sharpton vows his march will be all about young black Americans

Marchers from around the country will rally near the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.
Jan. 7, 2017

California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter censors painting of police as animals in Capitol

Hunter took it upon himself to remove the piece of art after police groups and right-wing commentators complained.