Yes, Donald Trump can fire Robert Mueller. Here’s how he can do it.

It's a complicated process, and it could get messy, but he can do it.

Trump turns up his Twitter attack on his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump is thinking about firing Jeff Sessions. In the meantime, he's making Sessions' life miserable.

Federal judge denies attempt to block election integrity panel from collecting voter data

A judge knocked down the legal challenge that had put the panel's big data request on hold.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe ahead of Drive for Our Lives tour: “Health care is a right”

Progressives are coming out to speak against dismantling Obamacare.

Scaramucci said he wants to let Trump be Trump. Here’s what that looks like 72 hours in.

Letting Trump be Trump is not going to help Republicans pass their major agenda items, and that reality has many in the GOP in a state of despair.

Steve Bannon apparently called Paul Ryan a “limp-dick motherf*cker”

Bannon also called Ryan part of the "globalist donor class."

Straight Obamacare repeal vote could expose GOP senators’ true feelings about the health care law

Without President Barack Obama to save them with a veto, Senate Republicans will show whether their Obamacare repeal vote was for real, or just a political ploy.

Ethics watchdog group will release Mar-a-Lago visitors log

The watchdog group CREW will obtain the logs as part of their lawsuit against the administration.

Senate health care bill: The five forces killing Trumpcare

The bill faces stiff opposition on all fronts.

Under siege on Russia and health care, Trump’s White House plans more “theme weeks”

The White House will stage three weeks of events around "Made in America," "American Heroes" and "American Dreams."


Donald Trump’s lawyer is now arguing it was legal for Donald Trump Jr. to meet with Russians

Jay Sekulow also argued the real scandal was James Comey's leaks, not anything connected to Trump.

Trump’s six-month approval rating hits record low for any president in last 70 years, poll shows

The second historic low for President Donald Trump.

White House hires attorney Ty Cobb to coordinate Russia response

The White House is adding the criminal defense attorney to its legal team as the investigations into President Donald Trump's Russia ties intensify.

New lawsuit claims Trump’s “voter fraud panel” violates the Watergate-era federal Privacy Act

They asked for a lot voter data. Now they're getting a lot of lawsuits.

American Medical Association and other health groups still oppose the Republican’s health care bill

"This legislation would have a profoundly negative impact on Americans."

One of Jared Kushner’s lawyers is dropping off of the Russia case

The prominent lawyer is known to run in primarily Democratic circles in Washington.

Ilhan Omar’s ‘Daily Show’ appearance is a sign of hope for America’s refugee and Muslim communities

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar wants to fight for a better life for refugees and marginalized communities in the U.S.

Report: Former Soviet spy accompanied Russian lawyer in meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

Some U.S. officials believe the spy-turned-lobbyist still has ties to Russian intelligence.

Trump’s lawyer sent a threatening email to a stranger saying “watch your back , bitch”

He sent a series of emails attacking someone he never met who heard about him in the media.

GOP operative who said he looked for Clinton emails on Flynn’s behalf reportedly died by suicide

Peter W. Smith, a political operative who reportedly sought out Russian hackers on Flynn's behalf, killed himself, according to the 'Chicago Tribune.'

Kentucky secretary of state on voter data request: “Might as well let Putin just get a zip drive”

Alison Lundergan Grimes has a few things to say about the White House's election integrity panel.

Donald Trump changes story, says his son’s Russia meeting was “mentioned at some point”

"Maybe it was mentioned at some point," Trump told reporters of his son's meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.

Trump greets French first lady, immediately offers comments on her figure

“You know, you’re in such great shape ... beautiful,” Trump told Brigitte Trogneux.

After being turned down twice, Afghan girls robotics team finally granted entry to compete in US

The team of six girls was finally granted entry to the U.S.

The new Republican health care bill looks very similar to the old one

A key Republican senator: "The bill has not changed." So, how will it pass?

Kellyanne Conway held up signs on Sean Hannity’s show and Photoshop hilarity ensued

Never hold up a white sheet of paper on television.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia scandal is sabotaging the White House’s agenda

"It's sucking the oxygen out of the room, everybody knows that," Sen. John McCain told CNN.

US refugee admissions surpass Trump’s 50,000-person cap

The total number of refugees admitted to the United States hit 50,086.