Chelsea Manning's story doesn't end with release from prison — it's only just beginning

Chelsea Manning now faces "building a life from scratch" following her release from prison.

Meet Susan Burton, an activist-mom Michelle Alexander called a "modern-day Harriet Tubman"

Susan Burton is the founder of an organization that helps women re-enter society after prison.

Racial justice groups bailed out dozens of black moms for Mother's Day

"Until we abolish bail and mass incarceration, we're gonna free ourselves."

Jeff Sessions wants stricter enforcement of drug crimes. People of color will suffer.

Research shows that mandatory minimum sentences hit people of color the hardest — but Jeff Sessions is bringing them back anyway.

Jeff Sessions' new criminal charging policy asks for more severe penalties

Expect harsher sentences in the future.

'Pokémon Go' Russia trial could send controversial blogger to jail for over 3 years

A Russian video blogger is awaiting sentencing for remarks he made in an Orthodox church last summer while playing 'Pokémon Go.'

The Bresha Meadows case reveals what black domestic violence survivors are up against

A 15-year-old's murder trial will be another reckoning on black women and domestic violence.

Arkansas executions: State executes 2 inmates in one day, first for a US state since 2000

Williams and Jones died within four hours of each other.

Aaron Hernandez's brain will go to science after all

After refusing to hand it over, the medical examiner's office will release his brain for study.

Aaron Hernandez Suicide: Former NFL star, serving life sentence, dies

Hernandez was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

Four people found dead at South Carolina prison

Kirkland Correctional Institution has a violent history.

Mark Jimmerson died in Oklahoma County Jail — one day after his mom tried to save his life

There have been at least three deaths at the same jail. Now Mark's family, the local Black Lives Matter chapter and the ACLU are seeking justice and reform.

"Toxic tush" doctor, a transgender woman, was just sentenced to 10 years in a men's prison

Oneal Morris will serve 10 years for practicing medicine without a license and for the 2012 manslaughter of Shatarka Nuby.

Formerly incarcerated artists can now apply to win a $20K arts fellowship

Five artists will receive $20,000 each for projects that focus on criminal justice reform.

Is Nicki Minaj taking more shots at Remy Ma on David Guetta's "Light My Body Up"?

Nicki Minaj is still in attack mode, and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

36 Cambodian refugees could soon be deported. This man's story will break your heart.

Chamroeun Phan has been in immigration detention centers for the last 200 days.


Florida governor pulls Aramis Ayala off case after she refuses to pursue the death penalty

Ayala, a state attorney, had just announced she won't seek the death penalty for anyone convicted on her watch.

Sessions doubles down on his support for the "war on drugs," with a nod to 'Just Say No'

He seems to be endorsing an anti-drug policing strategies that ultimately destroyed lives in communities of color.

Gucci Mane 2017 Tour: Concert dates, locations and how to buy tickets

Find out when and where you can catch Gucci Mane on the road.

Arizona is totally OK with inmates' lawyers bringing their own lethal injection drugs

Arizona's correctional facilities have a shortage of lethal injection drugs — so officials proposed attorneys supply their own.

'13th' director of photography Kira Kelly on the film's visual style and its powerful story

This documentary is a powerful reminder of black labor in America.


Delaware prisons on lockdown after inmates reportedly take hostages

According to Delaware state Rep. William Carson, inmates have taken over a building.

Here's what could become of mass incarceration and criminal reform under Trump's administration

Things are going to be rough for supporters of reform.

Florida woman not allowed to claim “Stand Your Ground” against abusive husband is freed

The case sparked a national debate about inequity for women of color and domestic abuse victims in the justice system.

'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Episode 10 sheds light on the struggles of pregnant inmates

Ever wonder what it's like to be pregnant in prison? The latest episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' will answer some of your questions.

Jennifer Lawrence called her leaked photos a sex crime — but it wasn’t sentenced like one

Jennifer Lawrence leaked photos: In revenge porn cases, the punishments still don't fit the crime.

'Suits' Season 6 Preview: What to know before the midseason premiere

USA's 'Suits' will return for the latter part of season 6 on Jan. 25. Here is how things left off.

Donald Trump has a strong stance on capital punishment

This is one issue he's been consistent on.

Chelsea Manning's win not necessarily a big win for trans rights

Obama's action brings a crucial issue to the fore, but offers no change for trans prisoners whose names aren't Chelsea Manning.

Privatized prisons serve terrible meals for inmates — and now protesters will fight back

On Jan. 14, protestors will fight food giant Aramark, which has been accused of serving meals containing live maggots.