This Week in Food and Travel: CBD is more than the next great wellness trend

CBD-infused everything, Hawaii's sugar donuts, millennial hotel brands and more.

Connie is the villain in ‘BlacKkKlansman.’ But Ashlie Atkinson is ready for white people to wake up.

The actress hopes white women "examine their complicity in the current administration" and the way that "white supremacist systems are being maintained."

50 years after King’s assassination, the symbolism of his death keeps the desire for change alive

The murder of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. fostered a nationwide urgency for improving race relations. But progress has been slower than hoped, older and younger Americans say.

Why I snatched Caitlyn Jenner’s wig — and why I’m not giving it back

"I’d rather be respected by those living on the margins of society than applauded by those responsible for their disenfranchisement."

Mike Hanlon, the black kid in Stephen King’s ‘It,’ has a remarkable backstory. The movie erased it.

The racial history behind the story's black character is one of the most interesting subplots in modern horror.

Why do white people still not get that cultural appropriation isn’t ever cultural appreciation?

You can't marginalize people from other cultures and then expect them to applaud when you make their food or clothing a passing fad.

Why Trump’s most tumultuous week yet was a big win in the eyes of his core supporters

The president's supporters largely do not believe in white privilege, dismiss national discussions about race and oppose minority activist groups.

‘Big Brother 19’ Blackface Controversy: Paul Abrahamian plans to dress to mock Dominique Cooper

The resulting firestorm has fans debating the intent of Paul’s costume and whether racist motive matters.

This is what it’s really like to cosplay while black

It’s time to shed some light on racism in the cosplay community.

“Ain’t I a Woman” March is a response to the whiteness of January’s women’s marches

Imani Mitchell, the president of Black Women United, said the march is a necessary addendum to the Women's March on Washington.

Xbox One X News: 4K updates for games will be free, Microsoft confirms

Good news for Xbox fans.

It’s great that Shia LaBeouf apologized, but he didn’t address the racism issue

The 'Transformers' star kept his comments trite — and boilerplate.

At four years old, the Black Lives Matter network takes stock of its work on the ground

"Despite all that we are up against given this new political landscape, we are uniquely positioned to build substantial power for black people.”

Bakersfield, California, police arrest black teen girl mistaken for a large, bald black man

In a viral video, Tatyana Hargrove alleges that the officers punched and threw her to the ground as a K9 officer attacked her.

Why ‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins’ next movie is so important

It's a story that needs to be told on the big screen today.

Study finds black infants are dying at more than twice the rate of white infants

Black infants are born pre-term at a 50% higher rate than white infants and experience an almost 400% rate of mortality due to “short gestation and low birthweight.”

‘Popsugar’ published an article about embracing natural hair. Zero black women were featured.

How not to support the natural hair movement, as told by one women's site.

Trump's CNN GIF has a racist history on Reddit

Redditor HanAssholeSolo has quite the disturbing post history.

Netflix has renewed 'Dear White People' for a second season

It's not clear exactly when the Justin Simien-created show will return, but it's due back in 2018.

Facebook moderators are trained to protect "white men" and not "black children" from hate speech

Leaked training materials show Facebook's odd calculus for figuring out who counts as a protected group.

Meet Young Paris, Jay-Z protégé and fashion's newest it boy

He's an ambassador for NYFW: Men's, and he's hoping it's more diverse than ever before.


Movement for Black Lives activists disrupt Minneapolis Pride to protest Philando Castile verdict

Protesters reportedly held signs with messages like "No KKKops at Pride."

The Movement for Black Lives responds to recent claims of a fractured coalition

"We make no assumptions that everyone and everything within our movement is perfect — far from it," organizers said.

The acquittal in Sylville Smith's death shows that too little changes in Milwaukee, despite protests

The officer that shot Smith will face no repercussions in his death. Historically, few of the city's officers ever have.

Sen. Tom Cotton's intern used a mind-blowing array of slurs in front of a reporter

According to "Nate," the British are "faggots," immigrants are "these people," Paul Ryan is a "cuck" and Americans are a "superior race."

'Queen Sugar' season two premiere tackles "driving while black" — and it was too close to reality

Micah's police encounter mirrored many true stories.

Trevor Noah says he's been stopped by police "8 to 10" times in his 6 years in the US

Trevor Noah told the 'Daily Show' audience about his experience with police in the wake of the Philando Castile verdict.

This high-end fashion brand is getting called out for co-opting the Black Lives Matter message

"Every Color Matters," one of their sweaters read.

Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

Jurors in the 79-year-old comedian's sexual assault trial have been deliberating for more than 50 hours.

Mother of Philando Castile: "My son loved this city, and this city killed my son."

"My son loved this city, and this city killed my son," Valerie Castile said Friday.