Nov. 27, 2017

British tabloids have a history of racist dog-whistling about Meghan Markle

Markle has had to deal with attacks from UK tabloids ever since her relationship with Prince Harry became public.

Nov. 20, 2017

Lenny Letter writer quits over Lena Dunham’s sexual assault response, calls out her “hipster racism”

Author Zinzi Clemmons called out Dunham's casual racism and said the Girls creator "cannot have our words if she cannot respect us."
Nov. 9, 2017

These 7 numbers show just how wide wealth inequality has grown in the United States

How big is income inequality in the U.S.? Here's what 2017 data suggests about the wealth gap in America.
Nov. 3, 2017

Black Lives Matter receives the Sydney Peace Prize: “This movement is global and has been global.”

Australia's International Prize for Peace is arguably the most prestigious award the movement has received to date.
Oct. 31, 2017

Fox News smeared the black judge presiding over Manafort’s case. This is part of a larger pattern.

What did Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson do to warrant a mention of her son’s drug conviction, other than show up to work on Monday?

Oct. 30, 2017

Halloween 2017: Companies with happy employees have this spooky thing in common

Halloween 2017 is nothing without a little costume fun. Here are 3 clever ways to use the holiday to boost office morale, according to a new survey of U.S. workers.
Oct. 27, 2017

Why I snatched Caitlyn Jenner’s wig — and why I’m not giving it back

"I’d rather be respected by those living on the margins of society than applauded by those responsible for their disenfranchisement."
Oct. 25, 2017

NAACP urges black passengers to avoid American Airlines, alleging a pattern of racial discrimination

Until American Airlines addresses allegation of racial discrimination against black passengers, a national travel advisory will stand, the NAACP said.
Oct. 19, 2017

Survey finds black, Asian and women doctors are more likely to face bias — from their own patients

Some doctors experience bias and offensive comments from the very people they're trying to help.
Oct. 19, 2017

Pearson issues apology for publishing racist theories about treating pain in nursing textbook

The textbook made generalizations about black, Asian and Native American cultures, among others.

Oct. 18, 2017

Trump’s words to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow echo a history of slights to black soldiers

Sgt. La David Johnson followed a long line of blacks who serve for a nation that hasn’t always treated them equally or justly.
Oct. 11, 2017

Tidal’s “Versus” film stars Jesse Williams as a lover battling racial hatred in Trump’s America

The short film's creators say love is the antidote to hate in the current civil rights struggle.
Oct. 10, 2017

How ESPN got rolled by Donald Trump’s racist culture war and threw Jemele Hill under the bus

The great victory of the Trump movement was forcing America to debate racism and equality on such illogical terms.
Oct. 9, 2017

After an ad showing a black woman turning into a white woman, some customers are #DoneWithDove

Soap companies have a long history of racist ads, and Dove is no stranger to them either.
Sept. 25, 2017

The #TakeAKnee protests are about racial justice — not Trump, the US flag or the national anthem

In the year since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee, there has been mounting evidence that the former NFL star's concerns have merit.

Sept. 19, 2017

The most wholesome internet trolls ever are reclaiming racist subreddits one by one

/r/JewWatch is now dedicated to pictures of Judaism-themed timepieces.
Sept. 18, 2017

Inside Ilbe: How South Korea’s angry young men formed a powerful new alt-right movement

This increasingly influential group is known for a “deep-seated misogyny” and a hatred of immigrants, LGBT rights and the left. Sound familiar?
Sept. 17, 2017

Police: “Strong possibility” fatal shootings of 2 black men in Louisiana were racially motivated

The Baton Rouge Police Department confirmed it had arrested a suspect on unrelated drug charges.
Sept. 13, 2017

The Jemele Hill controversy is what happens when bigotry becomes partisan politics

Bigotry and conservative politics have become so entwined that it's hard to denounce one without implicating the other.
Sept. 12, 2017

PewDiePie posts apology video for using racial slur in YouTube livestream: “I’m just an idiot”

"I’m just an idiot. But that doesn’t make what I said or how I said it OK. It was not OK."

Sept. 1, 2017

The most powerful neo-Nazi group in US history is recruiting people in Illinois-Iowa border towns

The group's ideology inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
Aug. 29, 2017

Ed Skrein’s decision to leave ‘Hellboy’ shows that equality in Hollywood requires sacrifice

Skrein, who is white, walked away from 'Hellboy' after being cast in a role that was originally conceived as a Japanese-American.
Aug. 22, 2017

New York police union claims officers are the victims of “blue racism”

A new video by one of New York's police unions claims, "When they look at me, they see blue.”
Aug. 22, 2017

9% of Americans say it’s acceptable to hold “neo-Nazi or white supremacist views,” according to poll

Most Americans condemned white supremacy and neo-Nazism — but not all of them.
Aug. 22, 2017

Trump’s performance after Charlottesville makes him the apologist in chief for racists

The president’s behavior after the white supremacist violence in Virginia should change the way journalists talk about him.

Aug. 18, 2017

Why Trump’s most tumultuous week yet was a big win in the eyes of his core supporters

The president's supporters largely do not believe in white privilege, dismiss national discussions about race and oppose minority activist groups.
Aug. 17, 2017

Beauty standards mean nonwhite women are exposed to more toxic compounds

Racist beauty standards encourage people to turn to products with dangerous side effects.
Aug. 16, 2017

The federal government had a plan to combat right-wing violence. Trump axed it in June.

The administration's decision to eliminate funding for programs aimed at white supremacist movements is drawing new scrutiny post-Charlottesville.