Lawyer for Harvey Weinstein says he never admitted to exchanging sex for movie roles

A columnist who quoted Weinstein as admitting to the behavior now says he "misrepresented" their conversation.

Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape and criminal sex act charges

Weinstein entered his plea in a New York City courtroom Tuesday morning.

Harvey Weinstein surrenders to police, faces rape charges

Weinstein, whose name became synonymous with the now widespread #MeToo movement, turned himself in on Friday.

For the first time ever, Olympic villages will have sexual assault resource centers

Each of the four centers will offer psychological counseling and medical care, along with legal advice and ways to report violence to police.

Salma Hayek pens ‘New York Times’ op-ed describing repeated harassment from Harvey Weinstein

“In his eyes, I was not an artist. I wasn’t even a person. I was a thing: not a nobody, but a body.”

Sexual assault lawsuit against Bryan Singer follows years of allegations and rumors

A lawsuit filed Thursday alleging Singer raped a 17-year-old is not the first time the 'X-Men' director has faced charges of sexual assault.


Why conservatives are obsessed with this Swedish city

Among right-wing news outlets, there is no city more deeply in the throes of death than the city of Malmö, Sweden.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter accused of rape by Melissa Schuman

Schuman's account of being raped by Carter when she was 18 marks the second allegation against the Backstreet Boys performer.

Sexual assault has been ignored by administrators at black colleges in Atlanta, students say

Recent events at Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta call out administrators and campus police for failing to protect survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

It can be empowering to share women’s stories of pain. But to what end?

The viral #MeToo hashtag shows us that coming forward with your stories of assault and harassment is important, but why are so few men acknowledging their own role in it?

#MeToo: Viral social media campaign highlights just how many women have endured sexual assault

On Sunday, two words ricochetted across social media with alarming frequency: #MeToo.

The Weinstein ripple effect: Why other women are feeling empowered to come forward about abuse

“Seeing accounts of sexual harassment get taken seriously helps women to take their own experiences seriously."

Could Rose McGowan face legal consequences for her Harvey Weinstein rape accusation? What we know

Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein's settlement terms are key missing details, but generally victims can break nondisclosure agreements that stand in the way of reporting a crime.

How Republicans’ tort reform laws leave sexual assault victims behind

When conservatives pass laws to cap "pain and suffering" awards in lawsuits, assault survivors have to fight to show they're hurt enough to qualify for damages.

‘Game of Thrones’ gives fans the feminist sex scene we’ve waited seven seasons for

The women of Westeros are reclaiming agency — over the seven kingdoms and over their own bodies.

Democratic senator calls for removal of Education Dept. civil rights head for sexual assault comment

The acting assistant secretary for civil rights said 90% of sexual assault cases can be attributed to alcohol.

Did Betsy DeVos hurt sexual assault survivors by agreeing to hear “both sides”?

A lawyer who attended one of DeVos' Thursday "listening sessions" on campus assault spoke out about her experience and concerns.

Betsy DeVos to meet with men’s rights activists in deciding the fate of campus sexual assault policy

Both sexual assault survivor advocacy groups and men's rights activists — who don't tend to believe women's rape allegations — will reportedly weigh in on Title IX guidance.

Ava DuVernay to direct Netflix mini-series about the Central Park Five

The five episode series will be released in 2019.

Swedish comedian proposes “man-free” music festival in response to recent rape reports

Emma Knyckare would potentially allow men to attend her festival after "all men have learned how one behaves."

A documentary filmmaker is suing James Deen for allegedly sabotaging her doc about him

Maria Demopoulos said the porn actor is blocking her from airing the film, which investigates the sexual assault allegations against him.

Swedish music festival cancelled after spate of sexual assault reports

Bråvalla's 2018 show will not go on after the festival logged high rates of sex crimes for the second consecutive year.

Baylor University regent reportedly referred to female students as "perverted little tarts"

Emails from former regent Neal "Buddy" Jones might betray "a Baylor nexus between alcohol use, sexual promiscuity and low character."

The new ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ consent rules aren’t about preventing sexual assault

They’re meant to protect the show’s producers — not the cast.

Lonely Lingerie paired up with a teen with terminal cancer to support sexual assault survivors

"Our vision is to create a world that I can feel safe leaving my loved ones in without me being there to look after them."

Bill Cosby to appear in court for alleged 1974 assault of 15-year-old girl

Cosby will appear in court on July 30, 2018 for allegedly forcing a teen girl to perform oral sex on him over 40 years ago.

Nearly 850 backlogged rape kits were found infested with mold in Texas

The mold-infested rape kits don't appear to have contaminated the DNA samples inside, according to authorities.

There's a new effort to recall Judge Aaron Perksy, who sentenced Brock Turner

If voters in Persky's county collect enough signatures, the judge could be on the chopping block in 2018.

Poland makes emergency contraception a prescription-only drug — even for rape survivors

There's a relatively small time frame in which emergency contraception is effective. Requiring prescriptions may mean many Polish women will go without.

Third Vanderbilt football player, Brandon Banks, convicted in rape case

A jury found Brandon Banks guilty on one count of aggravated rape and one count of sexual battery, sending him to a probable 15 years in prison.