Democrat Conor Lamb has slim lead in special election in Pennsylvania

If heavily Republican seats like this are competitive in November, the GOP is in for a world of hurt in the midterm elections.

Win or lose, the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District is bad news for Republicans

No matter the outcome, the race points to troubling signs ahead for the Republican Party.

There are now only 12 congressional districts without a Democratic candidate for 2018

Democrats have a candidate running in almost every congressional district in 2018. Here's where they still need one.

Republicans’ 2018 legislative agenda is rife with political land mines

From DACA and CHIP to welfare reform, Republicans have a tough legislative agenda in 2018 — a midterm election year that's already presenting the GOP with trouble.

Why Republicans will ram through tax reform — despite low support and poor projections for 2018

Republicans are on track to lose seats in the 2018 midterm elections. But they know tax reform will fire up their base — and their donors.

Tax Reform: This is the one big problem with the Republican tax “postcard” plan

Tax plan confusion? While House Republicans promise their "postcard" will make filing easier, it could easily make it harder. Here's why.

Republican lawmaker: Tax reform “could lose all the seats in the Northeast” for the GOP

The Republican tax plan is unpopular among the electorate, and at least one Republican lawmaker is sounding the alarm.

Republicans say they must pass tax reform or lose in 2018. But what if their plan is unpopular?

Will passing a tax reform plan anchored around unpopular corporate tax cuts win over voters next year?

The superstorm of problems facing the Senate GOP

2017 should have been a banner year for Senate Republicans. Instead, it's been a disaster.

Republicans are saying what they usually keep private: Big donors will flee if tax reform fails

It's not something lawmakers often say aloud, but two Republicans have said that a failure on tax reform would lead their wealthy donors to close their wallets.

Health care was the most important issue for voters in Virginia. That’s very bad news for the GOP.

The 2018 midterm elections could be all about health care. And that's really bad news for Republicans.

3 takeaways from Republicans’ tax plan

The bill is already meeting opposition, and faces a tough road to passage.

House Republicans narrowly pass budget, revealing signs of trouble for tax reform

With 20 Republicans voting no on the budget, the GOP could be in for trouble in its tax reform quest.

Could the future of the Republican party be decided in Tennessee?

Whether you know a lot or a little about the home of country music, Tennessee's Republican Senate primary will say a lot about the direction of the party.

Graham-Cassidy bill is dead as GOP admits “we don’t have the votes” to repeal Obamacare

The latest Republican-led effort to repeal and replace Obamacare won't get a vote, officially killing the legislation.

States will see major cuts to health care funding, according to Trump administration’s own analysis

Double-digit funding cuts to states with key Senate Republican votes imperil the GOP's latest Obamacare repeal effort.

Mitch McConnell: “We are made up of old, white men in the Republican Party”

McConnell wanted the Alabama governor to appoint a Republican woman to a vacant Senate seat. The governor appointed a white man instead.

GOP leaders are worried about primary threats. Here’s why Republican strategists say they should be.

"This is about punishing those who did not keep their promise."

The “skinny repeal” might be dead, but the fight for abortion rights rages on

Don't dance on the skinny repeal's grave yet. Congressional Republicans are sneaky.

Here is what will happen next with health care in the Senate

While Mitch McConnell is pushing repeal, some fellow Republicans are calling for a fresh start.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announces plan for Senate vote to repeal Obamacare

McConnell said the vote will happen "in the coming days."

Two more GOP senators just said they won’t vote for the Republican health care bill

Is this the end for the GOP health care bill?

Senate health care bill already on the brink of collapse

Republicans are one vote away from seeing their revised health care bill go down in flames.

Why the #SitInSaveLives protest is an important step forward for opposition to Donald Trump

"We want to encourage the movement to adopt the power of nonviolent action, the power of escalation to shift the political weather."

Angry constituents descend upon senators’ offices across the US to #SitInSaveLives for health care

Protesters are being arrested just for trying to talk to their representatives.

Hillary Clinton fires back at GOP tweet demanding her health care plan

"Right here," Clinton tweeted in response to Republicans' demands to see her health care plan. “Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage."

The GOP is now trying to pin its health care woes on… Hillary Clinton?

Republicans, who have excluded Democrats from the health care bill drafting process, are now trying to blame Hillary Clinton for not having a plan.

Senate Republicans are coming closer to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with… Obamacare?

Senate Republicans mull over changes to their health care bill that make it look more and more like Obamacare.

The GOP health care bill's one-year ban on Planned Parenthood is a bigger problem than you think

Compared to the millions who will lose coverage, restricting federal funds for just 365 days doesn't seem that bad. But it is.

Groups spending millions to defeat Senate health care bill: "We win or lose over the next week"

"We've been hearing Republicans talk about repeal for seven years. It comes down to these next seven days."