Mic Daily: Major takeaways in the wake of the midterm elections

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Today in Trump’s America: The midterms are here. These are the seats we predict will flip.

I’m laying bare my thoughts of what will happen tonight, putting it in writing so I will look like either a genius or a dunce come Wednesday morning.

‘Mic Dispatch’: CBD and the science behind it; Christine Hallquist’s historic Vermont primary win

On this edition of 'Mic Dispatch,' we meet Christine Hallquist, the first out transgender person nominated for governor by a major U.S. party, and investigate the health effects of CBD.

Mic Daily: The growing shadow engulfing Trump’s presidency — and other top stories of the day

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

A running list of GOP reactions to Michael Cohen’s implication of Donald Trump

In response to Michael Cohen's testimony, which implicated President Donald Trump in federal crimes, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he neede “more information than is currently available at this point.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter charged with using more than $250K in campaign funds for personal expenses

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), along with his wife, was indicted Tuesday on charges he used more than $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses.


‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 4: Candace Owens says Democrats have failed black Americans. Is she right?

Candace Owens is the new rising star for conservatives. But should she be taken seriously? Or is she merely a provocateur and opportunist?

Today in Trump’s America: Congress takes a big step toward impeachment… but not for Trump

A group of House Republicans wants to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Republicans scrap vote on abolishing ICE intended to troll Democrats

Republicans were mulling whether to hold a vote on a bill that would abolish ICE in an effort to get Democratic lawmakers on record on a policy the GOP feels is an electoral loser for Democrats.

Today in Trump’s America: House Republicans have embarrassing setback on immigration reform vote

House Republicans did it again on Thursday. A conservative immigration reform bill failed to pass, and GOP lawmakers were forced to postpone a vote on a “compromise” piece of immigration legislation.

Today in Trump’s America: Trump officials offer callous response to family separations

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responded with a dismissive "womp womp" when he learned that a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome was separated from her mother at the border.

“They tanked it from the beginning”: How Republicans hijacked the House Russia probe

Nunes ended the investigation Monday, concluding more than a year of political drama and chaos.

The “secret society” FBI text message Republicans are fuming about appears to be a joke

The text Republicans have been raising concern over appears to merely be a joke between two FBI agents.

Americans would largely fault Republicans for government shut down, poll finds

The poll’s findings could have an impact on whether or not the government will shut down Friday.

Republican Sen. Tim Scott criticized as a “prop” at Trump’s tax bill press conference

Trump and the Republican Party have a history of alleged tokenism and disingenuous appeals to black voters.

Mic Wakeup: GOP poised to pass sweeping tax bill

It's Wednesday. Here are three things you need to know.

Ivanka Trump said Americans “want” the new Republican tax bill. But most people don’t.

The new Republican tax bill is actually wildly unpopular.

New poll reveals Americans want a Democrat-controlled Congress by highest margin since 2008

Doug Jones' Alabama win reflects Americans' growing preference to send more Democrats to D.C.

Here’s what Republican tax cuts could pay for

The tax cuts could pay for a decade worth of food stamps, nutrition and health care for infants and mothers, heating assistance for low-income families and cash grants to poor, struggling families.

What to watch for on a critical day for the Republican tax plan

Senators are having trouble wrangling the votes to pass $1.4 trillion in tax cuts to largely benefit corporations and wealthy Americans.

Here are seven things Republicans hope to achieve by the end of the year

And the obstacles standing in their way.


Thanksgiving is over. The season for awkward political conversation isn’t.

A new poll has revealed that you aren't alone in avoiding talking about politics this Thanksgiving.

House Republicans pass tax reform bill and cross fingers the Senate acts

The bill passed 227 to 205, with 13 Republicans voting against the legislation.

Tax Reform: This is the one big problem with the Republican tax “postcard” plan

Tax plan confusion? While House Republicans promise their "postcard" will make filing easier, it could easily make it harder. Here's why.

Here are all of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore

There are now eight women accusing Roy Moore of sexual harassment, misconduct or assault.

Tax Plan 2017: How the Senate Republican tax reform bill affects you and compares to the House plan

How does the Senate tax plan differ from the House version released on Nov. 2? Here's what we know for sure — and what President Donald Trump has said about the bill.

Maine Governor Paul LePage is threatening not to expand Medicaid despite his state’s historic vote

On Tuesday, Mainers voted overwhelmingly for a ballot measure to expand Medicaid in their state.

GOP tax reform bill opposed by half of Americans

Just 33% support the Republicans’ tax plan, according to a new 'Washington Post'/ABC News poll.

The 2 issues that matter most to Trump voters — and how they drove Flake from the Senate

Trade and immigration drove voters to Donald Trump, and those issues drove Jeff Flake out of the Senate.