From Nixon to Trump, a history of the White House gingerbread home

“The problem with this kind of tradition is you sort of feel like you have to top yourself every year,” Bill Yosses, the former White House executive pastry chef, said.

Donald Trump set to meet with Vladimir Putin again in November

The planned meeting will come about four months after the controversial Helsinki summit, during which Trump cozied up to the Russian strongman.

What ever happened to the argument for nuclear disarmament?

What we talk about when we talk about nukes.

Why Donald Trump shouldn’t be referencing Ronald Reagan regarding his mental health

Trump keeps invoking Reagan on Twitter — but in doing so, he might actually be making a case for why his mental stability should be up for debate.

With a government shutdown looming, here’s a reminder that we’ve been here before — 18 times

If the government shuts down on Friday, it will be the 19th time a funding gap has occurred since 1976.

Here’s what Donald Trump could learn from Ronald Reagan about tax reform

Reagan's tax reforms made him a hero to Republicans. But they caused the deficit to grow — and his own policy adviser now says the tax cuts hurt the economy.

Trump tax reform 2017: Will the plan affect you? 5 things to know about tax cuts & the middle class

U.S. tax reform is now on the table in 2017. How might the details of President Donald Trump's tax cut proposal affect the middle class? Here's what to know about the expected bill.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia scandal is sabotaging the White House’s agenda

"It's sucking the oxygen out of the room, everybody knows that," Sen. John McCain told CNN.

Alabama public school assigns Ann Coulter and other right-wing pundits as required summer reading

Required reading: 'Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder' and more...

Trump has spent $133,000 of taxpayer money on White House furnishings since January

From inauguration to May, Trump apparently spent more than twice as much on office furnishings as his predecessor.

Senate Democrats shut down floor in protest of GOP's secretive Obamacare repeal bill

However, it's unclear whether Democrats plan on extending the protest past Monday night.

Health care reform: A make-or-break week for the Republican health care bill

Even some Republicans are raising doubts about the secretive process.

Democrats may drag Senate to a halt over GOP's secret ACA repeal bill

The move could spook some Republican senators.

Trump forgoes Mar-a-Lago this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with first Camp David getaway

"You know how long you’d like it? For about 30 minutes," Trump once said of Camp David.

Donald Trump releases financial disclosure

The 98-page document shows all the president's assets, investments and more.

GOP Rep. Steve King on shooting: "I do want to put some of this at the feet of Barack Obama"

"He contributed mightily to dividing us," King said of Obama.

Comey will testify that Trump pushed him to end the FBI investigation into Flynn

Comey's testimony could come as early as next week, CNN says.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III on Trump-Russia: "A crime may have in fact been committed"

"From my conversations with Republicans and some Democratic colleagues, the mood has undoubtedly shifted."

Republicans had a breaking point with Nixon. Will they with Trump?

Republicans stuck by Nixon for two years. Will they wait that long with Trump?

Obstruction of Justice: Did Trump break the law by asking Comey to end investigation?

Did Trump obstruct justice? That's a complicated question.

One other president has fired an FBI director. It was Bill Clinton.

An FBI Director has been fired before — but under much different circumstances.


Donald Trump has a Coke button in the Oval Office because of course he does

Donald Trump wants to have a Coke and a smile.

Trump will talk guns at NRA convention, but guns aren't allowed in the room

He'll be the first sitting president since Reagan to address the organization.

Donald Trump Canada: Why is the president starting a lumber trade war?

The U.S. and Canada are yelling over timber.

Alex Jones suddenly wants the media to be "respectful and responsible"

Tell that to the families of the Sandy Hook massacre, which Jones believes never happened.

Melania Trump nudges Donald Trump to put hand over his heart during the national anthem

Melania Trump had to remind Donald Trump to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Trump defends Bill O'Reilly from harassment claims during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Trump's defense of the Fox News host came as he accused former national security adviser Susan Rice of committing a crime.

Donald Trump's approval rating continues to flounder after health care fail

There is not much good news for Trump in the latest poll on his approval rating.

Paul Ryan: Why 2017 has been a horrible year for the embattled GOP speaker

Paul Ryan's year is not off to a great start.

Tom Price: Why conservatives are turning on the Republican health secretary

The conservative backlash against Tom Price underscores GOP divisions over the American Health Care Act.