Arizona court rules against same-sex wedding invitation discrimination days after SCOTUS ruling

The Arizona court applied Monday's Supreme Court decision — but still ruled in favor of Phoenix's anti-discrimination ordinance.


Powerful photos show Australians celebrating the moment same-sex marriage finally passed

The hard-won victory was celebrated across Australia on Thursday.

Watch this Australian MP propose to his partner right after a same-sex marriage bill was introduced

The proposal came as Australia's government debates legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

Study shows Americans overestimate the number of gay people in the US — with serious side effects

People who overestimated the number of gay and lesbian people in the U.S. were also more likely to oppose policies protecting LGBTQ rights.

Edith Windsor, gay rights pioneer and activist, dead at 88

Windsor's landmark Supreme Court case paved the way forward for the 2015 ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry and receive federal benefits nationwide.

Trump administration files brief in support of baker who refused service to same-sex couple

“Even in an administration that has already made its hostility [clear], I find this nothing short of shocking.”


New Zealand apologizes to men convicted under old anti-gay laws

New Zealand joins England and Germany in their recent pardoning of gay men.

See how Germany's LGBTQ community is celebrating a long-awaited same-sex marriage victory

Germans celebrated after the German Parliament's historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

Texas Supreme Court rules spousal benefits for LGBTQ employees are not guaranteed

The Texas judges cast doubt over whether the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling extends to spousal benefits.

The German Parliament just voted to legalize same-sex marriage

Merkel voted against the bill, which passed by a wide margin.

Support for same-sex marriage hits a high point, even among those previously opposed to it

A majority of baby boomers and African-Americans, who had expressed strong opposition in recent years, now favor marriage equality.


Supreme Court will hear case of baker who refused service to gay couples on religious grounds

The Supreme Court will take on the case of a bakery owner who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.

Mormon girl gives affirming testimony about being lesbian. Man asks her to sit down.

"I want to love myself and not feel shame for being me," 12-year-old Savannah said, before a man cut her mic.

The 23 most essential storylines of LGBTQ television history

TV has come a long way in the last 45 years.

Partner of Xavier Jugelé, Paris police officer killed in attack, marries him posthumously

Etienne Cardiles' partner, Xavier Jugelé, was killed in an April attack.

Taiwan takes historic step toward same-sex marriage legalization

If Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage, it would become Asia's first country to do so.


This Kentucky judge is refusing to hear adoption cases involving "practicing homosexuals"

This Kentucky judge doesn't think adoption by same-sex parents is ever in a child's best interests.

County clerk calls West Virginia lesbian couple getting marriage license an "abomination"

A county clerk allegedly harassed a lesbian couple who were applying for a marriage license.

20th Anniversary: Why Ellen DeGeneres' 'Time' magazine cover still matters

DeGeneres remains the most recognizable change-maker in the LGBTQ rights movement.

The powerful reason why men in the Netherlands are holding hands

Dutch politicians, celebrities and ordinary citizens are standing up and holding hands.

South Dakota law protects adoption agencies that reject LGBTQ couples on religious grounds

Critics say the law isn't just discriminatory, but hurts kids in need of a home.


Marriage equality reduced suicide attempts by lesbian, gay and bisexual teens, study says

Stigmatizing laws hurt queer kids' mental health. Period.

Coretta Scott King: 3 things to know about the civil rights activist

Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was tirelessly committed to civil rights throughout her life.

Despite Trump's assurances, LGBTQ rights are hardly 'settled' in court

“Death, divorce — [anything] could occur, and then I would have no legal claim to either of my kids.”

Here are the best signs from the Women's March on Washington

More than half a million demonstrators descended on Washington for the Women's March. Here are some of their signs.

This queer Muslim couple got married before Trump's inauguration to protect their family's rights

Their love for each other is a beautiful act of resistance.


Despite setting Chelsea Manning free, Obama was no champion of LGBTQ rights

Queer rights took a big leap forward in the last 8 years, but not because the outgoing president led the charge.

Bernie Sanders misses a crucial link between abortion and "economic issues" in his CNN town hall

More often than not, abortion is an economic issue.

Religious scholar Reza Aslan perfectly explains why we need a Muslim 'Modern Family'

"The only way you’re going to dissipate that fear is by getting people to know someone that they’re afraid of."

8 positive moments in politics that remind us 2016 wasn't all bad

Feeling down about the political state of 2016? Here are eight moments that should cheer you up, at least a little.