Why this professor was on a mission to publish his fake study on politician poop

A professor in the U.K. made up a research study on politicians wiping their butts and got it published in a low-quality journal.

You can help name this rover before it gets to Mars

Scientists are crowdsourcing a new name for its ExoMars rover, which will be launched toward the red planet in 2020 with hopes of finding extraterrestrial life.

Antarctica will hold its first-ever Pride Month event in June

Ten employees of McMurdo Station kicked off the celebration by posing with a rainbow flag in April — while there was still daylight in Antarctica.

A quirky art exhibition in Berlin imagines what the future of food will look like

The world is changing — and so is food. In this exhibition, chickens wear VR headsets to experience pastoral life and huge slabs of "meat" are actually made from seaweed.

Have fun with your money: 5 ways to make $100 feel like a million bucks

You don't have to be rich to feel like a millionaire. Here's how to make money go further toward making you happy.

Just how revolutionary is stem cell injectable facial rejuvenation? Here’s what you need to know.

"With techniques like the one we developed, injectable tissue replacement with fat, we may be changing the way we manage facial aging.”

Steven Mnuchin says White House has never asked him not to “use certain words” amid CDC report

Mnuchin's denial comes amid reports that the Trump administration is restricting the use of certain terms throughout the federal government.

Best gifts 2017: The only 7 ideas you really need for Christmas or any holiday, according to science

Christmas gifts for men? White elephant gifts for women? Kwanzaa gifts for your cousin? If you're short on good 2017 holiday present ideas, look no further: Here's what science suggests you should do.

This one surprising factor can predict whether or not you will get a promotion at work

The best career advice in 2017? Be mindful of your manager's view of stress, according to a new study.

Trump refuses to meet with American Nobel Prize winners, breaking with tradition

Several Nobel Prize recipients have been critical of the president. Now he's breaking with years of tradition and declining to honor them.

The human microbiome, explained: How bad science and junky diets gave rise to serious disease

New research is solving some fascinating mysteries about our insides. Here's a gut check on the human microbiome, what it means for your health and where the scientific claims get shady.

4 female NASA scientists will soon be in toy boxes across America. Here’s why that’s important.

Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, despite making up nearly half of the American workforce.

Why moving to Sweden could fix your life

Sweden has plenty of jobs they need to fill right now.

Add your own urine and this powder will turn into hydrogen fuel

Scientists invented a powder made from aluminum that can be turned into energy using human pee.

This one mistake stops you from getting rich and achieving your biggest goals

Plus five brain hacks to help you save money and grow richer — right now — by overcoming your impulses.

Researchers invented a robot muscle that lifts 1,000 times its weight

Muscles lead to robots — which could lead to humanity's new best friend.


Paid Post: From robotics to space travel, 5 surprising ways oil fuels innovation

Advancements in science and technology unexpectedly depend on natural gas and oil products.

After Irma and Harvey, experts disagree on role of climate change in major storms

The science is in. But depending on whom you ask, the numbers tell very different stories.

Hurricane Irma’s devastation could be much more severe than we think, scientists say

It's not just floods and torn-down houses. Irma could hurt the Caribbean's ecosystems, too. Here's what that means for us humans.

North Korea is more wired than ever — but its citizens could pay the price

More phones, tablets and websites in North Korea don't exactly add up to a freer society. Instead, things might look a bit like Orwell's '1984.'

Hurricane Harvey is another reason why we can’t be complacent about climate change any longer

The storm was at least worsened by climate change. But the Trump administration is still dithers on the issue.

Out of Office: Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse

All of the information you need for the perfect eclipse-viewing experience

The strange but true history of eclipse science — from 2137 BC into the future

4000 years of watching the sky have really paid off.

This thin, flexible gel is stronger than steel and could possibly withstand a bullet

The fabric could revolutionize how we cope with our aging bodies.

'Anthem' vs. 'Destiny 2': BioWare's new game is science fantasy, not science fiction

Don't expect deep explanations for how everything works in 'Anthem.'

The EPA's embattled Board of Scientific Counselors is important. Here's why.

Here's how EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's review board shakeup will impact the EPA — and beyond.

What is 4-D printing? The new frontier of 3-D printing could revolutionize space exploration

The fourth dimension is time — and that could change everything.

Wow! Signal Controversy: Not every scientist agrees on comet explanation

One scientist thinks the mysterious signal was caused by a comet. The other called that theory "rubbish."

Wow! signal: After 40 years, we may finally know what that mystery sign from space was

The puzzle captivated astronomers for decades. Now it's likely solved.

Report: Trump's pick for Dept. of Agriculture's chief scientist is not a scientist

Sam Clovis has no scientific qualifications, 'ProPublica' found, and is mostly known for contributions to conservative talk radio.