Barbra Streisand and Seth MacFarlane sang "Pure Imagination" and it was weirdly moving

Streisand asked MacFarlane to duet with her for her upcoming album.


Can Latinos Save Seth MacFarlane's New Show?

'Bordertown' could be a massive flop or a huge success, depending on who's in charge.

5 Most Offensive Asian Characters in TV History

Seth MacFarlane's latest comedy, Dads, is met with negative reviews, especially regarding the portrayal of its Asian characters. Here's a look at some of TV's worst Asian characters.

'Dads' TV Show Controversy: Is This the Last Straw For Racial Stereotypes On TV?

Although it premieres in September, Dads has already received criticism for its stereotypes aimed at Asians. Should the creators and producers reshoot these scenes or is that censorship?

Family Guy Boston Marathon Episode: Fox Pulls Show After Edited Clip Circulates

An edited clip of a Family Guy episode, about the Boston Marathan, is pulled after an edited clip circulates that royally pisses people off.

MTV Movie Awards 2013 Winners: Full List Of Winners

The MTV Movie Awards are officially over and the winners are in. Check out which stars were the biggest winners of the night.

Best Fight MTV Movie Awards: Winner The Avengers

The cast of 'The Avengers' wins the prize for Best Fight.

MTV Movie Award 2013 Winners

Who do you think will win tonight? My bet is on Rebel Wilson!

MTV Movie Awards Nominees 2013

Who is going to collect tonight?

MTV Awards Predictions 2013

Hopefully Emma Watson doesn't get anything!

Who Will Win At the MTV Movie Awards?

As long as Rebel Wilson gets something, I'm good!

Who Will Win At the MTV Movie Awards?

As long as Rebel Wilson gets something for her "Pitch Perfect" role, I'm good!

MTV Movie Awards Nominations List 2013

Full list of MTV Movie Award nominees 2013.

MTV Movie Awards 2013 Nominees: Full List Of Nominations

MTV Movie Awards are back. Tuesday night, the nominees for the 2013 awards were announeced with the unlikely pairing of Seth MacFarlane and Quentin Tarantino leading the pack.

The Millennial Generation Needs to Lighten Up

Millennials are largely humorless, and if they want to make any meaningful contributions to the world, the first thing they need to do is stop taking themselves so seriously.

Oscars Ratings 2013: Awards Finally Appeal to the Only Demographic That Matters

This year's Academy Awards were the first effective step the Oscars have taken in overcoming their generational challenge and attracting the audience that really counts: the millennials.

Oscars Ratings 2013: Viewership Up, Especially Amongst Younger Audience

The 2013 Academy Awards had the show's largest audience since 2010, drawing younger viewers in droves even with a so-so review for Seth MacFarlane as host.

Obama Organizing For Action: Unprecedented Lobbying? NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill: An Attack On Freedom

A collection of some of the most popular PolicyMic articles currently on the site, as featured in this morning's Mic Check.

5 Things We Learned At the 85th Annual Academy Awards

In case you need to impress your friends, or just kill time in an elevator this week, here are some facts other people might have missed about the 2013 Oscars.

YouTube Oscars Acceptance Speech: Complete Round-Up of the 2013 Oscars

All the best PolicyMic articles covering the 85th Academy Awards, as featured in this morning's Mic Check.

Seth MacFarlane's Hosting Gig Proved That Hollywood is Still the Ultimate Boys' Club

Everybody always likes to complain about the Oscar ceremony, but last night's was particularly dire. The Academy needs to self-evaluate and not invite MacFarlane back — ever again.

Oscars Recap: All the Winners at the 2013 Academy Awards

Check back here for updates on the red carpets, acceptance speeches, and more.

Seth MacFarlane Oscars 2013: Not a Bad Host

MacFarlane has received a lot of flak for his crude humor during the 2013 Oscars, but here's why he did a good job hosting the show.

7 Reasons Why the 2013 Oscars Were A Waste Of Time to Watch

I watched the entire Oscars program on Sunday night, and on Monday morning I feel ashamed that I did. Here are 7 reasons why.

Seth MacFarlane Oscars Review: Amy and Tina Should Just Host Everything

The Oscars seeks to pay tribute to the folks of cinema, the history of movies, and the institution of The Oscars itself. So selecting Seth MacFarlane to host was self-defeating from the start.

Seth MacFarlane Oscar Jokes: 10 Best One-Liners From This Year's Host

The host's greatest jokes from the 85th annual Academy Awards.

23 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up the 2013 Oscars

Never forget the wonder that was the 85th Annual Academy Awards. J-Law tumbled, 'Argo' won, Seth MacFarlane kidded around, and so many people sang that it was just crazy.

Oscars 2013 Recap: Everything You Need to Know From the Academy Awards

The 85th Annual Academy awards have come and gone. What we're left with are memories of a choked up Ben Affleck, a tumbling Jennifer Lawrence, and a whole lot of song and dance.

Oscars 2013 Winners and Nominees: LIVE Updates From the Academy Awards

Follow along live for the latest Academy Awards winners and commentary.