Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to charge of so-called "sexting"

But maybe let's not call it "sexting."


A former Secret Service officer who sexted teen girls is sentenced to 20 years in prison

The former agent used a White House guard booth to take photos of his penis and send them to underage girls, authorities said.

Sex and porn addiction may not be a legitimate illness, scientists say

People like Anthony Weiner might need to find another excuse for their misdeeds.

Huma Abedin splits with husband Anthony Weiner after latest sexting scandal

Looks like she's had enough of his sextcapades.

Anthony Weiner deletes Twitter account after latest sexting scandal

Anthony Weiner is involved in a third sexting scandal, the New York Post reported.

At Least 3 People Have Probably Seen Your Sexts, Says New Study

Face it: deep down, you already knew this.


This Is the Best Sexting Emoji of All and It's Astounding That You're Not Using It

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Kim Kardashian West Just Released New Fourth of July Kimojis, And They Are NSFW AF

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A Middle Schooler Was Just Arrested for Coercing Girls Into Sending Him Nude Photos

His case will go to family court.

Massachusetts Police Want to Know Who Posted Underage Students' Photos on Dropbox

Police have chosen to treat all the young women involved as victims, not offenders.

Is Sexting Cheating? Lots of People Don't Think So, Apparently

Well, this is interesting.

Colorado's Eighth Graders Who Are Caught Sexting Could Be Charged As Sex Offenders

Sexting teens could become registered sex offenders in Colorado.


This Colorado Sexting Law Gets One Major Thing Wrong When It Comes to Teens and Sex

Sending your boyfriend a topless selfie isn't a crime — or at least, it shouldn't be.

Jennifer Lopez Isn't a Fan of Sexting, Says It's "Dangerous" and a "J No"

When it comes to sensitive sexting, channel J. Lo and just say J. No.

Chelsea Handler Just Frexted Reese Witherspoon a Nude Selfie For Her Birthday

Who actually sends their friends sexts? Chelsea Handler, apparently.

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This Teacher Was Forced to Resign After Her Private Sext Was Leaked

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Snapchat Sexting Is Being Used As a Vehicle for Revenge Porn — and It's Hard to Stop

Trying to kill Snapchat-using revenge porn platforms is like cutting heads off a hydra.

Attention, Sexting Teens: Transmission of Nudes in High Schoolers Is Often Illegal

Teen sexting is, in many places, illegal; angsty teens can rage against child pornography laws.

This Model Is Shaming Guys Who Send Her Dick Pics By Telling Their Girlfriends About It

Yeah, this seems like it would be effective.

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When Sexting Is Cheating — and When It Isn't

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