Tom Price: Why conservatives are turning on the Republican health secretary

The conservative backlash against Tom Price underscores GOP divisions over the American Health Care Act.

The Koch brothers plan to bankroll any Republicans opposing Trump's health care bill

The conservative billionaire brothers don't like Trump, and they don't like this health care bill.

Log Cabin Republicans announce they cannot support Donald Trump

Trump is running out of potential allies fast.

Never Trump Recruits Some Guy Named Evan McMullin to Run Third-Party Bid Against Trump

Never Trump Republicans hope Evan McMullin will run a third-party bid to help defeat Donald Trump.

Conservative Trolls Are Trying to Destroy the GOP by Any Memes Necessary

There's a new code word for "race traitor."

GOP Indiana House Leader Resigns After Accidentally Texting Out Sex Tape of Him Cheating

McMillin had a history of protecting the "institution of marriage."

Donald Trump Is Trying to Convince Evangelical Christians He's One Of Them

This might be a deal even the Donald has a tough time selling.

Meet the Gay Millennial Republicans Who Want to Transform the GOP

The Grand Old Party is about to get grander.

A Major Republican Candidate for President Just Asked for Caitlyn Jenner's Vote

Republicans running for president won't be able to simply ignore this issue any longer.

One Tweet Sums Up Social Conservatives' Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy on Sex Scandals

Dan Savage unintentionally predicted Dennis Hastert's sexual abuse scandal all the way back in 2006.


CPAC Is (Still) Battling With Gay Republicans

The GOP is having an identity crisis.

Why Republicans' Belief in Evolution Has Declined Under President Obama

People see the world in a way that confirms their political allegiances.

One Surprising Statistic Reveals How an Unexpected Group Could Make Elizabeth Warren President

What's keeping Republicans from embracing this populism?

Immigration Reform 2013: Catholic Clergy Plead For Action

More than a dozen Catholic clergy from towns along the U.S.-Mexico border are urging Congress to take immediate action on immigration reform.

Alabama Special Election 2013: Why Libertarians Should Watch Out For Dean Young

Libertarians are welcoming social conservatives to the Tea Party. But they'd better watch out, or they'll regret it later.


Mike Lee Heritage Speech: 5 Quotes Every Young Conservative Needs to Hear

Five key ideas found in Senator Mike Lee's speech to the Heritage Foundation that I believe set the tone for a coming conservative reawakening.

GOP's Family Leadership Summit Ends Up Unexpectedly Praising Obama

The nightmare express for the GOP establishment rolled through Ames, Iowa this weekend.

YRNF 2013 Convention: The Future Of the GOP is Stronger Than Ever

The elephant is getting tougher and stronger, and the GOP's future is not as bleak as some might have you thinking.

Boys With Sisters Are More Likely to Be Republicans, And It's Probably the Parents' Fault

This study says that boys are predisposed to identify as a Republicans if they grow up with sisters as opposed to just brothers, but where is there the case for parenting made in this theory?

DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings Pose Gigantic Problems For a GOP in Civil War

Social issues are threatening the Republican coalition as libertarian conservatives demand smaller government, while others seek greater government power to "protect" marriage. Who will win?


Elbert Guillory: GOP Language On Race Shapes How Minorities See the Party

Why do minorities tend to vote Democratic? It all has to do with the language that Republicans use.

Silicon Valley Holds the Answer to Republicans' Millennial Problem

he GOP has an opportunity to gain significant support among a millenial electorate accustomed to disruptive technological and economic revolution. Now is the time to seize it.

Carl DeMaio: This Next-Generation Republican's Socially Liberal Stance Will Save the GOP

By abandoning social issues, San Diego's Carl DeMaio could be the kind of Republican who appeals to young voters.

Michele Bachmann Relection: Will She Be Remembered As GOP Everywoman?

While processing Bachmann's retirement, it's important to remember that she was a four-term Congresswoman who was an unabashed voice for women in a male-dominant movement.

Immigration Reform 2013: It's What Jesus Would Do

Support for immigration reform amongst evangelical Christians is on the rise as they criticize existing laws and call for a solution that "respects the God-given dignity of every person."


Pat Brady: Illinois GOP Chairman Resigns Over Vitriolic Attacks From Anti-Gay Marriage Groups

Pat Brady, Illinois Republican Party Chairman and supporter of gay marriage, stepped down on Tuesday after savage attacks from fellow Republicans following his support of marriage equality.

ABC 'Scandal' Review: It's the GOP Of the Future, If You Can Suspend Your Disbelief

The ABC hit drama 'Scandal' provides a view into the type of inclusive, tolerant party envisioned by the next generation of Republicans. But is it just a pipe dream?

Tony Perkins: Family Research Council President Wants More Socially Conservative GOP

Tony Perkins says Republicans are no longer socially conservative enough. Most millennials and critics would argue otherwise.

Immigration Reform 2013: Evangelicals Organize For Immigration

A group of evangelical leaders, led by Senator Lindsey Graham, is taking to the airwaves to promote a moderate, Bible-inspired approach to immigration reform.