“We apologize for nothing”: Social media site Gab suspended in wake of synagogue shooting

Members of the far right, including Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer, had congregated on the platform, which was often used to share white supremacist views.

This week in politics: Christine Blasey Ford testifies and Trump heads to the UN

Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify against Brett Kavanaugh this week, while Trump will address the United Nations during a four-day trip to New York.

Whoa, Vicky: How an 18-year-old girl turned controversy into cash

Woah Vicky is one of many social media stars who’ve raised themselves to prominence thanks to an eye-catching gimmick, shrewd use of “controversy” media coverage and conflict with other influencers.

This week in food and travel: Expert tips for solo travel

We spoke to travel journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom — who’s been going on trips for one for more than a decade — about her top tips for solo travel.

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, were you really there? One writer finds out

To experience the Caribbean as it was intended, one writer pledged to stay off email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for the entirety of her trip.

White House defends Melania Trump over #BeBest plagiarism allegations

First lady Melania Trump is once again facing allegations of plagiarism, after the materials from her new #BeBest campaign ripped images and wording directly from a Federal Trade Commission manual.

Melania Trump outlines eyebrow-raising platform that includes tackling cyber bullying

Her campaign is already being mocked by critics, who question the initiative given President Donald Trump’s own social media usage.

‘Throwback ThursDate’: Dating while bisexual

“There [are] a lot of misconceptions about people who are bi.”

On Instagram, the travel industry looks overwhelmingly white. Meet the influencers changing it up.

These influential photographers, writers and entrepreneurs want to showcase true diversity in the travel industry.

‘Throwback ThursDate’: Dating while celibate

It may not be the popular choice, but Robert Ellis abstains from sex as he searches for love.

Want to get paid to vacation? You can earn $60,000 for six months of fun in Cancun — here’s how.

Get paid $10,000 a month to live your best life? A Mexico tourism website is offering five-figure monthly pay — and you don't even need to speak Spanish. Here's the contest deadline and more!

The 3 sneakiest ways companies trick you into overpaying — and how to outwit them and save money

Retailers can be sneaky. Spot their tricks to save more cash.

5 tricks to get paid money for selling your data — since it’s getting sold anyway

Shouldn't you be getting paid for your data if companies are already tracking it?

Why you should totally unplug from your phone this weekend — and 3 key moves to help you do it

Better work-life balance starts with focusing on your IRL life when you can — and shutting down your most distracting devices.

Meet the teens and parents who spend hours standing in the hot sun outside Jake Paul’s house

The pilgrimage to Paul’s house has become a rite of passage.

How to make GIFs in Facebook’s new GIF maker

The feature is only available to select users.


New law in Germany requires social media sites to remove hate speech

Facebook isn't happy about the new law.

Researchers show Twitter is far faster than the police at predicting riots

Tweets can predict a riot up to an hour before police, but that may not be a good thing.

"The floor is …" meme is for every millennial trying to grow up without leaving the past behind

When you were a kid, the floor was just lava. Now it's way more complicated.

You can now comment with GIFs on Facebook. Here's how to do it.

Use the power to comment in GIF for good.

Photo of niqab-wearing Muslim woman comforting elderly woman who fell on bus goes viral

The Muslim woman held the older woman's hand for 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

First Amendment group demands Trump unblock people on Twitter

The Knight First Amendment Institute argues the act is unconstitutional.

#FullHouseChallenge: Teens are recreating the iconic '90s TV intro in the latest viral craze

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, high schoolers are parodying the 'Full House' theme for the #FullHouseChallenge.

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams apologizes if his creation won Trump the presidency

Is it too late now to say sorry? (Yes.)

Video of a black woman's hanging went viral on Facebook. The site marked it as mature.

The video seems to be a violation of Facebook's policy against the glorification of violence.

Emma Watson FaceTimed with a fan who was studying for an exam

She's encouraging fans to use their brains as often as she can.

Katy Perry's cherry pie recipe has Twitter excited about new "Bon Appétit" song

Katy Perry teased her new song "Bon Appetit" with a cherry pie recipe and her fans are going crazy.

March for Science: How one Reddit post launched 600 marches across the world

It started with one post on the internet. Now it's expected to be the biggest worldwide rally since the Women's March.

Everyone is posting their Facebook transformation photos. Here's how to create yours.

People are on board to share embarrassing pre-puberty pictures.