This Week in Food and Travel: 6 scuba trips you’ll want to book immediately

From Indonesia to Mexico to Madagascar and more.


Mic Daily: Trump wants to “study” South Africa — and other top stories of the day

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Trump promotes white nationalist propaganda about South Africa

The South African government says Trump's unsubstantiated claims about the "large-scale killing of farmers" are "misinformed."

The dark, complicated history of Durban’s national dish — curry and rice

One writer traces the evolution of Durban Indian cuisine and the role her indentured ancestors played in shaping the city’s culinary and cultural landscapes.

Lifecycling: Bohemian Guitars make music out of trash

How two brothers turn re-purposed cans and scrap metal into electric axes for the masses.

Delrawn Small’s family marks one year since his fatal shooting by an NYPD officer

Small was fatally shot by NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs.

Trevor Noah says he's been stopped by police "8 to 10" times in his 6 years in the US

Trevor Noah told the 'Daily Show' audience about his experience with police in the wake of the Philando Castile verdict.

Justin Simien talks 'Dear White People' season 2, slavery and safe spaces

"The underlying current in America that made Trump the president was what we were talking about in the writers' room."

7 stunning images show how Marvel's 'Black Panther' was inspired by African art and culture

Costume designer Ruth Elaine Carter scoured the entire African continent for inspiration. The results are breathtaking.

Yes, famous black men have spoken out against Bill Cosby — here's a list

Black men have spoken out against Bill Cosby.

Ice Cube confronts Bill Maher about his use of racial slur on 'Real Time'

Ice Cube said the slur is "like a knife."

Racist reaction to black D.Va cosplayer shows the struggles of being a nerd of color

It can be tough to be a black cosplayer.

This teen made a meme to remind black children that their features are beautiful. Now it's viral.

"I wanted people to be aware that black children grow up living in a world where the media and society constantly reminds them that black beauty isn't beautiful."

"Major Trump supporter" who allegedly killed black man had previously stabbed 2 people

Phillip Wade also had a history of making anti-black and anti-Muslims statements on social media.

Richard Collins III, Jordan Edwards prove respectability politics won't save black lives

Collins and Edwards were nearly unimpeachable in life. They were killed anyway.

Activists on Betty Shelby verdict: "A white woman's fear of a black man" is no excuse

Women's March organizers and Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City are calling on the DOJ to file charges against Betty Shelby.

The black Texas professor at the heart of the latest right-wing campus witch hunt speaks

Conservative bloggers misrepresented comments from a five-year-old interview with Tommy Curry. He remains unbowed

Best places to live: These 10 beautiful countries are the most affordable in the world

Fantasizing about the expat life? These are the cheapest nations for cost of living — where your dollar will go a long way.

This Louisiana teacher thinks it's OK to say "nigger." Then, his student schools him.

"Why can you not understand that it's racist for a white man to say 'nigger' to a black man? It's fucking racist."

Atlanta reporter resigns after saying "nigga" to get scoop on a police brutality video

Can white people say "n*gger"? No. Nope. Never.


San Diego pool party shooting leaves 1 dead and 6 injured

The gunman pointed his weapon at police, who then fatally shot him.

Barry Jenkins' episode of 'Dear White People' is the best TV of 2017 so far

Everyday decisions by the "white people" in 'Dear White People' can actively threaten black lives.

SheaMoisture apologized for their "whitewashed" ad — but didn't mention black women once

SheaMoisture is disappointing its primary consumer base.

This Auburn University student completely shut down white nationalist Richard Spencer

Dozens of students and faculty members protested the event on Tuesday.

White Minnesota man charged with bias-motivated assault for choking Somali cab driver

Zachary Degraw reportedly attacked the driver for fear of what he would do to white women.

Nivea put up an ad praising "white purity" — the backlash was swift and severe

While white supremacists were thrilled, others were not.

Rachel Dolezal's flawed comparisons of race and gender are the epitome of white privilege

Rachel Dolezal says she has it harder than transgender people.

Officer Betty Shelby describes Terence Crutcher as "zombie-like" in '60 Minutes' interview

It echoes a pattern of white police officers likening black people to supernatural monsters.

Survey finds 55% of white Republicans think blacks face poverty due to lack of motivation

Close to half of white Republicans believe black people are inherently lazier.