Jan. 3, 2018

Astronauts reveal what it’s going to take for humans to get to Mars

In an exclusive interview with Mic, four astronauts aboard the International Space Station revealed what they think it’s going to take for humankind to ever set foot on Mars: cooperation.

Nov. 28, 2017

Mic Wakeup: Franken apologizes, Trump mocks Warren and how to have something in common with aliens

It's Tuesday, Nov. 28. Here are three stories you need to read.
Oct. 18, 2017

4 female NASA scientists will soon be in toy boxes across America. Here’s why that’s important.

Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, despite making up nearly half of the American workforce.
Sept. 29, 2017

Add your own urine and this powder will turn into hydrogen fuel

Scientists invented a powder made from aluminum that can be turned into energy using human pee.
June 27, 2017

'Elite: Dangerous' PS4: PlayStation 4 players join the hunt for the secret of the Thargoid

PS4 owners can finally jump into 'Elite: Dangerous,' just in time to help solve a new mystery.
Dec. 1, 2016

Netflix Offline Mode: 24 movies, TV shows to watch on an airplane or during your commute

You no longer need Wi-Fi to watch some of your Netflix favorites.

Nov. 16, 2016

NASA's "Space Poop Challenge" is paying for your thoughts on upgrading its crappy system

Zero G presents a lot of... logistical quandaries.
Nov. 4, 2016

How to automatically delete old text messages to save space on your iPhone

Avoid that "storage full" message with ease.
Oct. 26, 2016
Sept. 16, 2016
Aug. 16, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Tips and Tricks That Will Transform How You Play the Game

We've got some tips for better gameplay.
Aug. 11, 2016

Scientists Are Creating a Machine to 3-D Map the Universe

This will be an unprecedented look at the cosmos.
Aug. 1, 2016

Here's what 'Stranger Things' gets wrong about multiple dimensions

That acrobat and flea analogy wasn't quite right.
March 29, 2016

Want to Look More Confident on Tinder? Straighten Your Posture

It's like your mom always said — don't slouch.
Feb. 10, 2016

This Co-Living Space of the Future Is for Kids Who Never Want to Grow Up

The home of the future will have lots of roommates and room service.

Dec. 4, 2015

Can Moving Out Actually Help Save Your Relationship?

It sounds crazy. And yet...
April 13, 2015

Amateur Astronauts Sent the First Doughnut into Space — And It's All on Video

One small step for donuts, one giant leap for delicious pastries.
Nov. 24, 2014

#TheNextFrontier Will Visualize the Minds of Different Personalities

Sponsored by GE | These videos dive deeper into the minds of creatives, optimists and more, helping to visualize the brain in new ways.
Sept. 29, 2014
Sept. 25, 2013

Meet the 13 Animals That Are Better Astronauts Than Buzz Aldrin

These 13 animals certainly have their space cred. You'll be surprised what animals have boarded flights to outer space.

June 14, 2013

This Boston Woman Paid $500K For Guaranteed Parking Spaces — Would You?

A Boston woman pays half a million dollars at an auction for a couple parking spots — how much would you pay for a place to park in the city?
Aug. 20, 2012

James Eagan Holmes May Have Been Psychologically Unable to Not Go on a Killing Spree

It could be that killers like Anders Breivik and James Holmes are literally unable to not kill. A new field called neurolaw investigates.