Mark Ruffalo: “This is another moment to stand for Standing Rock”

In an exclusive video op-ed for Mic, actor Mark Ruffalo speaks out against a newly enacted voter ID law in North Dakota.


Criminal charges against ‘Mic’ reporter dismissed

Jack Smith IV, a senior reporter at 'Mic,' had been arrested and charged with obstruction of a government function while he covered Standing Rock protests in February.

Standing Rock was infiltrated by a private contractor who compared protesters to warring jihadis

The FBI is relentlessly focused on surveilling movements on the left as white supremacy flourishes.

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I watched Standing Rock protesters dance for victory. Then the police arrested us.

In the mud and fire, we were tied and arrested. But the water protectors say their spirits are still intact.

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It was Standing Rock's last stand.


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Celebrity support for #NoDAPL has suddenly dried up.

Indigenous women of Standing Rock issue heartbreaking plea for help ahead of evacuation

In a viral video from Oceti Sakowin camp, Standing Rock demonstrators issue a call for support.

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The resistance at Standing Rock is set for what could be its largest showdown yet.

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After construction on the Dakota Access pipeline begins, #NoDAPL activists look to courts.

With a stroke of Trump’s pen, the fight for Standing Rock started all over again

At Standing Rock, tribal leaders want protesters to go home, but some activists want more to come.

Jeff Bridges gives powerful speech in honor of Standing Rock activists at NBR Awards

The actor thanked activists for "making sure we live on a healthy planet."

Here's the thing Standing Rock protesters did differently — and won

Protest is a skill. It can be taught, and it's time for organizers everywhere to start learning.

The fight at Standing Rock isn't over, but vital support and the media are packing up

The media is packing up and leaving, just as the struggle is reaching its darkest hours.

Harsh blizzard ravages those who remain at Standing Rock to continue the fight

Don't turn your eyes from Standing Rock — the Sioux people need your help now as much as they ever had.

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The latest updates on the Dakota Access pipeline in the wake of yesterday's news.


The victory at Standing Rock shows us all the way forward

In a global tide of racism and xenophobia, the Lakota people just showed the world the way forward.

A new school for Lakota kids at Standing Rock has no plans to evacuate by Monday deadline

At Standing Rock, Lakota children are living out their preteen years as far from quotidian American life as the decade allows.

How to donate food to Standing Rock

Even if you can't go to North Dakota, you can help.


Standing Rock protesters are getting help from thousands of veterans as "human shields"

Veterans for Standing Rock will be a frontline of protection for peaceful protesters.

500 DAPL protestors will eat a Thanksgiving meal at Standing Rock — served by Jane Fonda

Fonda and other volunteers will serve spit-roasted turkeys to roughly 500 activists on Thursday.

At the Standing Rock reservation, young activists have been at the forefront of protests

For one 14-year-old protester, it's helped her imagine a future where she could be a hero.

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This Facebook protest is just the latest way for people to show solidarity.