From Syria to Southern California: Refugees seek care for wounds of war

A clinic in El Cajon, California, treats patients in recovery from injuries and conditions such as gunshot wounds, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.


Trump and French President Macron will meet Monday amid tension over Iran and Syria

The largely ceremonial visit will also include conversations about climate change and the Middle East.

Trump doubles down on insulting James Comey in an especially vitriolic Sunday tweetstorm

The president attacked Comey as a "slimeball" ahead of his book's release and defended his use of the phrase "Mission Accomplished."

“This is not ‘America First’”: Right wing rages at Trump over Syria strike

The president is facing backlash from his "America First" allies.

Haley hits back at Russia over airstrike condemnation: “The time for talk ended last night”

The U.S. envoy to the U.N. defended the Syria strike as “justified, legitimate and proportionate."

Putin condemns US-led strikes on Syria as an “act of aggression”

The U.S. led a series of airstrikes on Syria Friday in response to Assad's latest suspected chemical attack. Putin said they violated the "norms and principles of international law."

Trump on Syria airstrikes: “Mission Accomplished!”

The U.S., U.K. and France responded Friday to Assad's latest suspected chemical attack.

UN ambassador Nikki Haley: “Russia alone” enabled Assad chemical attack in Syria

As the West mulls a military response, a proxy battle between U.S. and Russia looms over Syria.

Trump backtracks on imminent Syria threat as US weighs its options

"Could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

Trump has few options on Syria after second chemical weapons attack

Trump is weighing his military options in Syria after dozens of civilians there were killed in a suspected chemical weapons attack over the weekend.

Syrian chemical attack complicates Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal

Trump said last week he wants to pull U.S. troops from Syria, but a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians complicates that plan.

Trump blasts Obama, Putin, Assad and the press in Sunday morning tweetstorm

Trump tweeted about the 'Washington Post,' China, Syria and President Barack Obama in his Sunday morning tweets.

Why you’re numb to the horrors in Syria, according to an empathy researcher

News of the war in Syria hasn't garnered much attention, despite record deaths from bombing and escalating violence. Here's what studies suggest limit human empathy — and what you can do about it.

Trump has been commander-in-chief for a year. Here’s how he’s used the military so far.

He's expanded existing conflicts — and threatened to get the U.S. into new ones.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: The North Korean threat, educational mobile games for Syrian children

The important stories to know for Thursday, August 10.

Inside the mission to bring educational mobile games to children in conflict zones around the world

What started as an educational experiment for Syrian refugees could soon be translated into over 100 different languages.

Trump administration ends controversial CIA program arming Syrian Rebels

The Obama-era program had been criticized by both the Assad regime and some in the U.S.

The Islamic State has lost Mosul to Iraqi security forces

However, pockets of Islamic State militants are likely prepared to continue fighting and launch terror attacks.

Russia, US prepared to announce joint ceasefire in Syria on Sunday

The news broke just as U.S. President Donald Trump was sequestered in a closed-door meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Hobby Lobby forced to return 5,500 looted Iraqi artifacts

The antiquities could have been put on the black market by anyone, including the Islamic State.

The Islamic State has fully withdrawn from Syria's Aleppo province, report says

This story is breaking.


Iraqi forces capture mosque where ISIS declared caliphate 3 years ago

Iraqi forces consider this a huge symbolic victory.

Kremlin slams White House's warning of potential chemical attack in Syria

The U.S. and Russia continue to spar over Syria.

White House says it knows of potential Syrian chemical attack, warns Assad of "heavy price"

The Trump administration did not provide any evidence backing the threat.

World Refugee Day: The migrant crisis, by the numbers

65.6 million people are displaced worldwide.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Finsbury terror attack, Muslim teenager found dead & Syrian plane shot down

Here are the important stories to get you caught up for Tuesday.


UN claims US-led coalition air strikes in Raqqa, Syria, killed 300 civilians in March

U.N. investigators arrived at their assessment through interviews with survivors and witnesses in the region.

Trump's order might be blocked, but traveler visas from majority-Muslim countries are declining

Pakistan has also seen a sharp decline in visas issued, and it wasn't even one of the six Muslim-majority countries targeted in the halted executive order.
News homepage trolls Trump as he pulls out of Paris climate accord

Did the weather forecast call for shade today?