‘NBA 2K18’ Prelude would be a great way to combat ‘NBA Live 18’ demo

A new version of NBA 2K's Prelude would be an excellent precursor to 'NBA 2K18.'

‘GTA 5’ Mods OpenIV: Popular modding tool is available again for the Rockstar game

After community backlash against Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, it looks like the 'GTA 5' mod tool OpenIV might be back, but without one of its major mods. Read on to see what's changed.

'GTA 5' OpenIV mods tool may be available for download again soon

'Grand Theft Auto 5' mod makers may have a reason to rejoice, as the OpenIV toolkit hints at a return.

'GTA5' Mods OpenIV: Developer responds to Rockstar's statement among creator frustration

Creators are increasingly frustrated with Take-Two Interactive's decision to shutter OpenIV.

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'NBA 2K18' release date news isn't late. Expect a ramp up in information over the next eight weeks.

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'NBA 2K18' Legend Edition: Lenticular, features, price and cover for the Gold version

'NBA 2K18' arrives on Sept. 15 for multiple consoles with Shaquille O'Neal on the Legends Edition lenticular cover.

'NBA 2K16' Error Code efeab30c: How to fix the issue on PS4

'NBA 2K' error code efeab30c is about 'NBA 2K16,' not the more recent 'NBA 2K17.'

'GTA Online' Gunrunning DLC: Fans speculate on what the DLC will focus on

The release date for the 'GTA Online' gunrunning DLC is still TBD, but the internet has some ideas about what we'll get.

'GTA Online' Tiny Racers: GTA has a new, retro-inspired adversary mode with a lot of color

It's a top-down racing mode, 'GTA' style. Here's the skinny on the "Tiny Racers" update.

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The 'GTA 6' release date might not be a priority for Rockstar right now.

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A potential easter egg might hint at the release date for 'GTA 6,' but we aren't buying it.

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In case you can't get the Pink Diamond Kevin Love, 'NBA 2K17' is offering a free Paul George for hardcore fans.

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Vineweed: 'GTA 5' Players may have added an in-game homage to the real-life "Hollyweed" prank.

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'Civ 6' Winter Update Patch Notes: Poland, Jadwiga, Vikings, new features and more

'Civ 6' winter update lets you play as Poland's leader Jadwiga and engage in Viking conquests.