US condemns “cowardly” Taliban attack that left at least 95 dead, 150 wounded in Kabul

"We stand with the brave people of Afghanistan," a State department spokesperson said.

After being turned down twice, Afghan girls robotics team finally granted entry to compete in US

The team of six girls was finally granted entry to the U.S.

Twin bombings in Pakistan market kill at least 15

This story is breaking.

Report: 4,000 troops will be deployed to Afghanistan, per White House official

A Trump White House official said the announcement could come "as early as next week."

These Muslim kids are only in elementary school — and in the classroom, they're called terrorists

"I sometimes ignore [the bullying]. If I cry about it, they'll do [it] more."

Prosecutors: Alleged leaker Reality Winner wanted to "burn the White House down"

Winner pleaded not guilty to charges of leaking classified information to a news outlet.


Kabul Bombing Update: Latest death toll and reactions from around the world

At least 90 people have been confirmed dead in the large-scale attack.

Is Russia arming the Taliban? Here's what we know about the US general's claims.

Russia denys providing weapons to Taliban militants.

Steve Bannon and US Islamophobia have become fodder for Al Qaeda terrorist propaganda

Steve Bannon's Islamophobia is making America a more centralized target for Al Qaeda and ISIS, reports find.

Trump's first tweet as official president-elect says "civilized world" must fight terror

You get three guesses as to which parts of the world Trump thinks are uncivilized, and the first two don't count.


Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser pick, spread lies about Sharia law in US

Flynn isn't the only one circulating blatant lies about Sharia law — but he is the one who will be advising Trump.

Alleged Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi indicted on terrorism charges

Rahimi will stand trial for his "alleged violent acts of terrorism."

Notorious "Butcher of Kabul" warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar pardoned by the Afghan government

This opens the door for his political comeback.

A suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 12 people in a court of law

"[Lawyers are] an important part of democracy and these terrorists are opposed to democracy."

The American University of Afghanistan is under attack

Gunfire and explosions have been heard on campus.


Did Media Miss the Most Important Thing About Last Week's Pakistan Hospital Bombing?

"This is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism."

At Least 60 People Killed in Suicide Attack on Pakistani Hospital

Many of those killed in the attack were lawyers.

A Group of Western Tourists in Afghanistan Just Got Ambushed by the Taliban

The fleet of vehicles was traveling through the dangerous Chesht-e Sharif district.

ISIS' Computers Are Mostly Porn — And Michael Flynn Is Correlating It With Sexual Violence

The laptops taken from ISIS were "up to 80%" porn.

What to Know About Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Father, Seddique Mir Mateen

Omar Mateen's father has some troubling political views of his own.


Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Head Of the Taliban, Killed in U.S. Drone Strike

Pakistan says the strike was yet another violation of the country's sovereignty.

14 Striking Images From the Taliban's Biggest Attack in Kabul in 15 Years

"This was one of the most powerful explosions I have ever heard in my life."

Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens in Pakistan During Easter Celebration

Authorities say many of the people killed in the Pakistan park are women and children.


ISIS' No. 2 Reportedly in Killed a Raid by U.S. Forces

This is a developing story

Islamophobia Is an Epic Waste of Time and Energy and This Graph Shows Exactly Why

"Terrorists. Muslims. Needle. Haystack."

Osama Bin Laden's Letter to America, Found During Abbottabad Raid, Has Been Released

"I direct my talk specifically to those who support real change, especially the youth."

'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot': Release Date, Trailer and Reviews for Tina Fey's New Film

Is Tina Fey's box-office reputation in jeopardy?