Tony Ray Cosplay: We talked Power Rangers and other nerd stuff over ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’

Check out our video game stream with cosplayer Tony Ray, who was featured Monday in PBS's 'First Person' series.

NRA breaks its silence on Philando Castile: “It’s a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided.”

"I don’t agree with every single decision that comes out from courtrooms in America,” NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch said in an interview on Sunday.

Advocates defend artistic protests following Alexandria shooting and 'Julius Caesar' debate

"People do not do things because representations — art — made them."

Liberals are playing just as dirty as conservatives did in the '90s — and it sounds great

A new generation of left-leaning podcasts are taking cues from the rise of right-wing radio, and winning over audiences in the process.

Report: Trump's pick for Dept. of Agriculture's chief scientist is not a scientist

Sam Clovis has no scientific qualifications, 'ProPublica' found, and is mostly known for contributions to conservative talk radio.

Republican congressman: "Sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty"

Yes, this really came out of Brian Babin's mouth.

Mike Pence campaign events just vanished from Donald Trump's website

How fed up is Trump's deeply conservative ticketmate?

Portland Public Schools accused of racism over rap music ban

A March directive to school bus drivers said rap music is "inappropriate" for students.

Rush Limbaugh warns of an invasion of government-trained "lesbian farmers"

The lesbian farmers! They're coming!

Conservative Pundits Are Freaking Out Over Curt Schilling Getting Fired by ESPN

This is only getting more ridiculous.

Hillary Clinton Gets Grilled on Beyoncé’s Name, If She Really Has Hot Sauce in Her Bag

Hillary Clinton is finally addressing the issues that truly matter: hot sauce, weed and Queen Bey.

In Honor of Twitter's 10th Birthday, We Salute the Men and Women Sliding Into Your DMs

Hooking up on Twitter is something of an art form.

Tina Fey Calls Out "Hollywood Bullshit," Elitism on 'Howard Stern Show'

Tina Fey has opinions on Hollywood and its elite. Spoiler alert: they're not all kind.

OWN's 'It's Not You, It's Men' Proves Women Must Be Included in Talk About Love and Sex

The show is most insightful when the male hosts sit back and welcome guests into the conversation.

Adele Takes Home Multiple Brit Awards, Slays the Red Carpet and Supports Kesha in a Speech

What a day to be Adele at the 2016 Brit Awards.

Here Are Some of DJ Khaled's Best Snapchats

How does DJ Khaled bestow so much wisdom in just 10 seconds on Snapchat?

Lindsey Graham's 'Princess Bride' References During GOP Debate Were "Inconceivable"

Here are Lindsey Graham's 'Princess Bride' references from the debate.

CNN Republican Debate December 2015: Start Time, Moderators and How to Watch

This is the last Republican debate of the year.

CNN Republican Debate: Candidates, Preview, Viewing Info and Moderators

Ready to rumble?


The 3 Most Surprising People to Speak Out Against Trump's Muslim Ban

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What Channel Is the GOP Presidential Debate on? Start Time and Other Quick Facts

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Here's What More Than 20,000 People Marching for #AllLivesMatter Looks Like

The "Never Again is Now" rally was headed by none other than conservative activist Glenn Beck.

Cara Delevingne Endures Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning Show Interview

"We'll let you go take a nap, maybe get a Red Bull."

Jerry Seinfeld Just Made His Worst Joke Yet — And It's About Trans People

"Isn't it just a matter of time before transgender is an airline?"


One Simple Change to Your Morning Commute Will Make You a Happier Person

Turn off your headphones and listen.

A Waitress Trolled Rush Limbaugh in the Most Brilliant Way Possible

This is so, so appropriate.

There's a Good Reason Why Everyone's Cricizing Peter Schiff

And it isn't just because he claimed some people should only earn $2 an hour.