Steve Bannon apparently called Paul Ryan a “limp-dick motherf*cker”

Bannon also called Ryan part of the "globalist donor class."

Former CIA director says he knew about contacts between Trump's campaign and Russia

John Brennan also says he worried about U.S. contacts with Russian officials.

This Republican senator is A-OK with women's health care cuts — because he's not a woman

"I wouldn't want to lose my mammograms," Sen. Pat Roberts said when asked if he supported repealing essential health benefits.

A 'USA Today' columnist told drivers in Charlotte to run over Keith L. Scott protesters

He tweeted the message, and was suspended briefly from Twitter.

One of the Dallas Shooting Suspects Was Killed by a Bomb-Carrying Robot

Dallas police chief confirms.

Donald Trump Spokeswoman Insists to Megyn Kelly That Candidate Isn't Sexist

Donald Trump is an equal opportunity offender, Katrina Pierson says.

Former GOP Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Molested 4 Boys, Prosecutors Say

The revelations came from an investigation into $1.7 million Hastert allegedly paid out in hush money.

This Fox News Reporter Called Millennial Women "F**king Morons"

What ever happened to respectful debate?

Type Into Your Browser — the Site That Shows Up Is Hilarious

This will make a lot of people very happy.

The Mayor of Paris Is Suing Fox News Over Its Horrible Islamophobic Reporting

The mayor of Paris is taking the network to court.

Chris Brown Is an Ebola Truther

Because of course he is.

A Waitress Trolled Rush Limbaugh in the Most Brilliant Way Possible

This is so, so appropriate.


Leading House Democrat Says 'Sexting' Is the Key To Getting Out The Vote

"Let's do some voting, organizing over the internet." OK!

Anthony Weiner Spokeswoman Calls Intern Olivia Nuzzi a "Slutbag"

Disaster strikes the Weiner campaign again! Spokeswoman calls former intern a "f*cking sl*tbag", a "tw*t," and a "c*nt". When will this madness end?

Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

If you've been featured, mentioned, and re-tweeted by media outlets, we want to share the good news with the rest of the community.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republicans Attack Reform Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Everett Dutschke Ricin Letters: New Suspect Arrested in Bizarre Investigation

Everett Dutschke has been arrested and charged in the ricin letter terrorism case. This is the latest development in a bizarre case that defies the imagination.


Boston Marathon Suspect At Large: No Suspect in Custody

Authorities have confirmed that no suspect is in custody. Previous announcements that a suspect has been arrested appear to be false.

Juan Williams Plagiarism: He Should Take Full Responsibility

Williams is facing heat for lifting portions of his column from another person's piece. The pundit blames his researcher, but why are media figures putting their names under other people’s work?

Obama Approval Rating is Strong, Despite Fiscal Cliff Muck-Ups

Obama's approval ratings are at a 52 week high. But that won't matter if he doesn't get a budget deal one.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Supporters Divided Between Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest

Where do the web's most popular social websites stand politically? With the help of Facebook "likes," "Engage" gives us an infograph that shows.