You can only have so many periods at a guy’s place before you wonder if he’s your boyfriend

If you're leaving tampons over there, that's when you know it's probably time to have The Talk.

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“There was a pool of blood in my chair” and other cringe-worthy tales of getting your period at work

Women get their periods. Sometimes that sucks. Get over it.

Scotland just launched a pilot program providing free sanitary products nationwide

The six-month program will send free menstrual products to high schools, a college and different charities across the country.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is putting an end to the state's tampon tax

Florida is the 13th state to slash taxes on menstrual products.

Girls in the UK are missing school because they can't afford menstrual products

A British charity that once sent free menstrual products abroad will now focus on girls in the UK, too.

Sydney May Become the First Australian City to Offer Free Menstrual Pads and Tampons

Hopefully, we'll soon have menstrual equality down under.

What It's Like to Have Your Period in a Women's Prison

A New York City bill is shining light on a shockingly common problem: reduced access to menstrual products in women's prisons.

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In Its Latest Ad, Thinx Reminds Everyone Men Can Menstruate Too

"We thought it was high-time that people see a menstruating trans man 10 feet tall in the subway."


'Broad City' Just Made an Incredibly Important Point About the Tampon Tax

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People are not fans of the Pocket Pearl.

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This man is a goddamn genius.

Chicago Abolishes the Tampon Tax, Takes a Stand for All Who Menstruate

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These Herbal Tampons Aren't Just Bizarre — They're Potentially Dangerous

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These Lawmakers Want to Save Women $20 Million Just by Fixing the Tampon Tax

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