‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 21: Trans women homicides; black women tattooists (full transcript)

Trans women of color face violence at disproportionate levels compared to the general population. The average life expectancy for a trans woman of color in America is only 35 years old.


‘Mic Dispatch’: A city copes after killings of trans women; black women tattooists tour the country

'Mic Dispatch' visits Jacksonville, Florida, where residents are grappling with the killings of three trans women of color, and meet Ladies of Ink, black women tattooists who are touring the country.

'Ink Master' Season 9, Episode 3: Frontrunner sent home in surprise elimination

The judges are not holding back from tough critiques.

'Ink Master' Season 9, Episode 2: A former cast member returns and another team is sent home

A face from 'Ink Master' season four resurfaced in the battle for Master Shop.

First Look: 'Ink Master' coloring book features pages from Scott Marshall, Jime Litwalk and more

You can get in on the fun of 'Ink Master' without the drama of getting critiqued by the judges.

'Ink Master' season 9 premiere eliminates one shop and introduces game-changing twist

'Ink Master' has a couple of tricks up its sleeve in season nine.

'Ink Master' Season 9 Cast Photos Released: Meet the new 'Shop Wars' contestants

'Ink Master' season 9 premieres on Spike on June 6.

No, bruh, Chrissy Teigen did not get a revenge lower back tattoo — well, not quite

"John got to dance with a woman at his concert, so Chrissy gets to take one man and hold hands with him."

Spike launches 'The Art of Ink' digital series: Watch Japanese tattoo premiere here

New episodes will air leading up to 'Ink Master' season nine.

5 problematic things you probably shouldn't wear at Coachella

Don't even think about wearing a headdress.

Bullied because of her freckles, this model now has an important message about self-love

"There's nothing wrong with being different."

'Overwatch' tattoos: Check out these 7 incredibly badass designs

Want some inspiration for your 'Overwatch' ink? Check out these tattoos.

After the historic Women's March, women are flocking to get tattoos

"I will never forget how I felt marching on Saturday, and wanted a little something to take with me."

Post-election, feminists fight back with tattoos

"I needed something to remind myself of how strong I can be."

'Ink Master' winner Ryan Ashley Malarkey almost appeared on another season of the show

Ryan Ashley became the first female 'Ink Master' winner.

'Ink Master' season 8 finalist Gian Karle Cruz teases his 24-hour chest piece drama

Gian Karle Cruz ran into problems with his 'Ink Master' finale tattoo.

'Ink Master' season 8 finalist Kelly Doty: Girls' alliance was more about moral support

Kelly Doty doesn't credit the alliance for helping her make it to the 'Ink Master' finale.

'Ink Master' season 8 finalist Ryan Ashley reveals struggles of female tattoo artists

The 'Ink Master' season eight finale airs Tuesday on Spike.

Yaaass queen: The inspiring reason why so many women are getting crown tattoos

They are reminding themselves that they are queens and should be treated as such.

Kelly Osbourne and Others Show Solidarity to Orlando Victims With Remembrance Tattoos

Many are getting permanently inked in honor of the Orlando victims.

This 'Harry Potter' Tattoo Is Going Viral — But It May Come at a Dangerous Cost

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Kylie Jenner Just Shared an Extremely Rare No-Makeup Selfie

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This Disappearing Tattoo Ink Is a Godsend for Anyone With Ink Regrets

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Justin Bieber’s Face Tattoo Artist Revealed the Tattoo's Meaning

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This Hardcore Egyptian Mummy Is Covered in Over 30 Intricate Tattoos

The mummy had many pairs of wadjet eyes tattooed on her body.

We Are All This White Girl Who Accidentally Got Jeremy Lin's Name Tattooed in Chinese

"I was like, 'What does that even mean? Is that a real person?'"