Tax bill passes final vote: What does it mean for you? Your 9 biggest questions answered

Tax calculator seeming handy right now? Don't stress: Here's what's in the tax reform bill passed by House and Senate, when President Donald Trump could sign it and how your taxes could change.

Tax Policy Center retracts analysis of GOP tax plan

The non-partisan group retracted an analysis that found the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on some low-income families, while cutting taxes for the rich by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Trump tax reform 2017: Will the plan affect you? 5 things to know about tax cuts & the middle class

U.S. tax reform is now on the table in 2017. How might the details of President Donald Trump's tax cut proposal affect the middle class? Here's what to know about the expected bill.

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Rich? Paul Ryan wants to make you richer.

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Now that you said 'I do,' it's time to walk down the aisle of tax preparation.

The One Economic Number That We Need to Talk About: 47%

The 47% of Americans who do not pay income taxes is a function of changes at the IRS which is progressively managing the implementation of social policy.


Double Dip Recession Coming? Consumer Confidence Falls, Foreshadows GDP Drop

GDP has turned Negative. Consumer Confidence is at three year low. Is a double-dip recession coming?

2013 Tax Increases: How Much Your Paycheck Will Shrink This Year

Though Obama and Congress claim the fiscal cliff bill avoided tax increases for most Americans, the payroll tax holiday's end will still shrink your paycheck this year. Here's by how much.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Increases Taxes on 77% of Americans

The fiscal cliff deal will not only impact the wealthy, but will also increase taxes on average Americans without any cuts in wasteful government spending.

What Happens if We Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?

A guide to the big tax increases that will be imposed upon Americans if Congress fails to prevent the U.S. from heading over the fiscal cliff.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: 5 Ways You Can Prepare for the Worst

Whether or not Congress reaches a deal, here are 5 ways to prepare for the worst.


Minimum Wage Debate: Why Minimum Wage Laws Hurt, Not Help, Employees

Lovers of government intervention insist that minimum wage laws prevent a "race to the bottom" for cheaper labor. Here's why they're wrong.

Mitt Romney VP Selection of Paul Ryan is an Act of War on Working Class Americans

Romney's selection of Ryan is a declaration of war on the middle class.

Open Mic: Will The Mitt Romney Tax Plan Help or Hurt the Economy?

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has released a new tax plan that promises to cut income taxes for all income groups by 20%, but one think-tank found that only the highest income bracket will benefit.

Reducing Inequality Necessary for Our Democracy

Income inequality not only threatens our economic stability, it also undermines the legitimacy of American democracy. Public policy interventions are required to mitigate its harmful influence.