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Tax Reform 2013: Democrats and Republicans Aren't So Different After All

Democrats and Republicans are constantly at odds on who is going to get taxed, and the purposes of that tax. But one thing is clear: both parties have made sure that Americans get taxed.

Income Inequality: A Progressive Tax System Isn't the Best Solution

It is the poor who are most harmed by economically destructive progressive taxation – the very people for whom concern over income inequality is meant to benefit.


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The rich are already paying more than enough in taxes. Any proposed tax increases on the wealthy would be unfair, and here's why.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Election Results Show That Americans Reject GOP Budget Hawks

The necessity of public investment -- even if it means deficit spending -- is supported by historical considerations as well as by ongoing cases such as Spain and Greece.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Time to Push Republicans Off the Fiscal Cliff

Letting sequestration kick in, along with letting the Bush tax cuts expire, will be good for Democrats, good for the country and bad for the Republicans.

Romney Tax Plan: GOP Ticket is Deliberately Lying on Taxes and Economics

Republican economics doesn't add up: believing tax cuts increase tax revenues doesn't agree with historical data.

Defense Spending Cuts Are Good For the Economy

Arguments that Pentagon spending cuts will hurt the economy don't stand up to scrutiny.


Obama Rips Romney Tax Plan As Robin Hood in Reverse: Romney Steals From the Poor

According to the Tax Policy Center, Romney's tax plan would be a tax hike on the middle class and a tax cut to the upper class. President Obama is now calling that plan 'Romney Hood'.

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April 17 Tax Day: The Buffett Rule Sets Precedent For Fundamental Tax Reform

Tax day is approaching. In honor of your forking over your hard earned cash, I wanted to outline my plan for fair tax reform. Please comment!

How Government, Not Capitalism, Is Causing Income Inequality

There are many misconceptions about the causes of income inequality. The primary cause is the government and the cure is to get the government out of the way.