General Motors tops list of S&P 100 companies that pay the least in taxes

Did General Motors and Chevron pay less in 2015 taxes than you?

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and other big tech companies top list of tax-avoiders

Think Wall Street has the most money stashed overseas? Think again.

Can Shinzo Abe Make Japan a Superpower Again?

Shinzo Abe's victory in the upper house last month marks an opportunity to reinvigorate Japan's economy, but the PM must curb his nationalistic rhetoric and enact structural reforms to do it.

How Much Do U.S. Businesses Pay in Taxes? Trick Question!

Simplifying the tax code would benefit small businesses and the American public in general, without raising or lowering the "real tax rate."

Budget 2013: Which 2013 Budget Proposal is Best For America?

The Ryan budget proposes bold reforms for spending, entitlements and taxes while the Murray budget barely trims any spending, doesn't touch entitlements much and focuses on closing tax loopholes.

U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Forcing Corporations to Hide Their Money Overseas

Tax loopholes allow corporations to shelter their profits in tax havens overseas force the U.S government to lose billions of dollars in revenue — revenue that could help close the deficit.


Corporate Tax Rates: Eliminating Them Would Help Middle Class Americans

There's been a lot of griping over corporate tax rates, but there are a number of good reasons why corporations shouldn't pay any taxes.

Presidential Polls 2012: More Voters Believe That Romney Can Fix Washington, Not Obama

Partisan politics in Washington isn't new. The problem isn't lack of common ground, it's lack of leadership. The records show that Romney has reached across the aisle while Obama is too far left.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Corporate Tax Plan Deserves Serious Consideration

Our government needs more money and less spending. And the Romney/Ryan plan can get the job done.

Fourth of July 2012 Marred By Economic Disparity and Injustice

We need to rethink what July 4th means. For million of Americans there is not much to celebrate.