Top 1% would reap majority of Trump’s tax cuts, report finds

The richest people in America have the most to gain from President Donald Trump's tax plan.

White House “cannot guarantee” middle class won’t pay more under Trump tax plan

Donald Trump's chief economic adviser also refused to admit that Trump himself will benefit greatly from his proposed tax plan.

Trump thinks tax reform is going to be easy, but things are about to get even more complicated

"Tax reform is going to make health care look like a piece of cake," one GOP senator said.

Here’s who would benefit from Trump’s new tax plan: The Trumps and other families like them

His new tax plan includes two provisions that would drastically lower taxes for the Trump family.

Trump ditches CEO councils — after they ditch him

As the fallout from the president's reaction to the deadly protest in Charlottesville continues, Trump announced that he was disbanding two advisory councils he had formed earlier this year.