Trump plan would hike taxes by billions in his hometown, New York's top financial watchdog says

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer forecasts a median $2,200 jump in tax costs per household.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is putting an end to the state's tampon tax

Florida is the 13th state to slash taxes on menstrual products.

Trump says he may finally release his tax returns — after he leaves office

"I might release them after I’m out of office," he said.

How much money do 'The Amazing Race' contestants make?

Even if you don't win, you can still make money on 'The Amazing Race'.

Will the middle class pay more under Trump’s tax plan? The White House refuses to say.

Trump billed his tax plan as the biggest tax cut in history, but there's no word that it will help the middle class.

Trump's tax plan is short on details, but will lower taxes on billionaires like him

President Donald Trump and his children would benefit mightily from his tax proposal.

Jeff Sessions: If Mexico doesn't pay for wall, US could investigate Mexicans' taxes

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested "mostly Mexicans" are receiving invalid tax credits, and the U.S. could take them away.

Trump’s executive order on taxes is more symbolic than substantive. Here's why.

The order could be a messaging tool as Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office without a legislative achievement.

Congress might make saving for retirement harder — as if it weren't already tough enough

Your retirement account could lose some of its tax perks. Here's how to protect your money.

How would a 100% tax on the rich even work? A lesson on "real" tax rates from the French

French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon wants a 100% tax on the rich.

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How does tax software compare to the advice of a CPA?

Tax March 2017: Activists to march on Mar-a-Lago to demand Trump release his tax returns

Trump said voters "didn't care" that he didn't release his taxes. Protesters on Saturday hope to show him he's wrong.


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