Stories That Pay Off: What to do when everyone wants your professional advice — for free

Setting boundaries with your friends and family is much easier said than done.


In the wake of the London Bridge attack, Londoners are helping one another out with #SofaForLondon

Londoners are offering up open couches, rides, food — whatever they can to help those displaced by Saturday night's terrorist attack.

'American Gods' Episode 3 Recap: Does new Starz drama sacrifice substance for style?

'American Gods' certainly has a lot going on visually, but is there anything underneath the surface?

Is Uber Doing Enough to Protect Women Drivers From Sexual Harassment?

Female Uber drivers are more prone to harassment than their male counterparts.

Apple Music Just Screwed Over This User in a Huge Way — And It Could Happen to You, Too

"So it's supposed to delete my personal files from my internal hard drive without asking my permission?"

Uber Shut Down for Hours in Paris in Protest of Government Regulations

Ride hailing is under fire in France again.


10,000 London Taxi Drivers Are Going on Strike for a Reason Young Techies Aren't Happy About

They're standing up to protest one of America's hottest tech companies for young people.

Jurassic Park 3D: Why Triple D's Don't Excite Me Anymore

A year after Martin Scorsese said he wished "Taxi Driver" could have been filmed in 3D, the technology has gone from being an industry game changer to an expensive novelty.

10 Movies From the 60s and 70s Every Millennial Needs to See

The 60s and 70s changed cinema forever, as their productions shape our current crop of films. Here's a list of 10 incredible movies from that period that every millennial should see.

Golden Globes: Cecil B Demille Award

The Golden Globes are here ... well almost. Join me this Sunday for definitely live and hopefully lively coverage of the 2013 awards.

2013 Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, January 13th at 8:00 EST on NBC.

Jodie Foster Lifetime Achievement Award

Coming up soon: Jodie Foster will be honored for tremendous body of work.

New York Taxi Vote: New Yorkers Can Now E-Hail Taxis

As all New Yorkers know, finding a taxi in this urban jungle is a bit of a nightmare. Thursday, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to approve e-hailing cab apps.

Porn Star James Deen Gives Justin Bieber a Run For Twitter Followers: Proof Porn Is Going Mainstream

James Deen is a 25-year old guy next door who happens to be an award-winning porn star followed by legions of young female admirers and now also by Lindsay Lohan.