Government Shutdown 2013: It Was a Conspiracy, Not a Blunder

Key far-right figures plotted the shutdown and proposed holding the debt ceiling hostage with the repeal of Obamacare as ransom, even if it risked economic disaster.


Is Madison Project Making Its Money By Hurting Conservatives?

The Madison Project attacks elected conservatives and encourages people to primary them. However, FEC filings show that there may be ulterior motives for these actions.

Tea Party Racism: Tea Partiers Who Support the English Defence League Should Find New Friends

Some Tea Party movement leaders are praising the English Defence League. This is a mistake and could backfire badly.

Growth and Opportunity Project: New Outreach Plan is Tearing the GOP Apart

The Republican National Committee's Growth and Opportunity Project released its report this week. Turns out much of the Republican Party hates it right out of the gate.

CPAC 2013: Bloggers Are the Front Line Freedom Fighters of the GOP

Digital media is about more than dissemination, it's about conversation and persuasion. The GOP should embrace bloggers as the frontline freedom fighters in their battle for hearts and minds.

Why Sarah Palin and Tea Party Women Tend to Have Sex Appeal

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Steelman. Why are attractive female politicians grouped in one of the most conservative ideological corners in America?

Dark Knight Rises Review and Spoilers: Christian Nolan Batman Film is About the Tea Party

Nolan's brilliant "The Dark Knight Rises" is not a critique of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but of the billionaire-funded Tea Party.

Tea Party Activists Are Just Evangelicals in Colonial Disguise

While the Tea Party started with a message that was focused more on economic issues, conservative Christians are now joining the movement in large numbers.

OWS' Eviction Doesn't Matter, Their Incoherence Does

If OWS fails, it will be because they lack an achievable plan, not because they were evacuated from their protest grounds.

Occupy Wall Street Should Learn from Tea Party's Success

The folks at Occupy Wall Street would do well to learn from the Tea Party’s experience and direct their frustrations at Washington, not the financial industry.