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Yes, the Tea Party Has a Big Fat Race Problem



Mike Lee Tea Party Rebuttal: Full Transcript and Full Text

Following Obama's State of the Union address, Rep. Mike Lee gave the official Tea Party response. Here's the full transcript.

6 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow a Successful Business

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Benghazi '60 Minutes' Report: Why the Mainstream Media Goes For Right-Wing BS

When CBS aired a "60 Minutes" Story on Benghazi last month, conspiracy theorists and tea partiers alike rejoiced. Unfortunately for them, the whole thing was a fraud.

Tea Party is Destroying Something Much Worse Than Just Congress

The Tea Party is supported largely by conservative Evangelical Christians who are putting us all on a path to failure.

The Tea Party is Like a Bratty Teenager — And the GOP Needs to Send It Packing

It's time for the GOP to pack the Tea Party a bag, give it a loving embrace, and drop it off at the bus station to start its own life as a separate party.


Tea Party Leaders Want the FEC to Treat Them Like Civil Rights Heroes

Obviously, not being able to spend as much money as you want to buy an election without disclosing the names of your donors is JUST like fighting for civil rights in the 1960s.

Sen. Mike Lee is So Conservative Even Utah Doesn't Want Him

When Mike Lee became a Utah senator in 2010, Tea Partiers celebrated. But now, because of the 16-day government shutdown, Lee — and the Tea Party movement he represents — is taking heavy fire.

Tea Party Movement is All About Innovation, and Will Play a Big Role in Election 2016

There's an easy and popular narrative about the GOP and Tea Party movement in the wake of the government shutdown. You should probably think about it more carefully.

The Biggest Mainstream Media Myths About the Tea Party, Debunked

The facts show that the Tea Party is a very different group than the one the left-wing mainstream media would have you believe.

The Definitive Review of the New D.C. Political Theater Show Everyone's Talking About: "Shutdown"

Barack Obama plays the hero. Ted Cruz plays the villain. Michele Bachmann plays the court jester.


Obamacare Marketplace Website is a Failure, and Republicans Have Nothing to Do With It

Democrats love to blame Republicans for the shutdown and other budgetary problems. However, they only have themselves to blame for the Exchange website chaos.

Colorado Republicans Defy Leadership to Defend Oldest Racist Cliche in the Book

One month after making a controversial remark regarding chicken and the diets of minorities, Vicki Marble still has the Republican Party abuzz.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Did the Media Ignore Yesterday's Rallies?

The media gave the Tea Party ample demonstration during its various protests. Why aren't liberal grassroots movements being treated similarly?

Tea Party Racism: Tea Partiers Who Support the English Defence League Should Find New Friends

Some Tea Party movement leaders are praising the English Defence League. This is a mistake and could backfire badly.

ObamaCore: The Tea Party's Next Victim May Be Education Reform

The Tea Party movement recently launched an initiative to stop the implementation of the the bipartisan "Common Core State Standards Initiative."

Are Conservative Women Actually Good For Women?

It's an achievement any time a woman is elected to public office, but politicians like Bachmann and Sarah Palin use their statuses to push for policies that hurt women around the country.

NAACP Leader Julian Bond Calls the Tea Party "the Taliban of America"

Former NAACP Chairman (from 1998 to 2010) Julian Bond claims the Tea Party "is the Taliban of America," and says they're racist, hostile to women, and obey a "Stalinist religion." Really?

RS Scandal: A Tea Partier's Open Letter to the IRS

The IRS scandal has demonstrated yet again that large, unaccountable government bureaucracies cannot be trusted — with anything.

IRS Scandal Will Make Conservatives a Lot Of Money

Republicans and Tea Partiers have hit the jackpot with President Obama's scandals this week.

Adam Kokesh: Planning Gun March in Washington For July 4

The libertarian is organizing an armed rally in Washington D.C., for July 4. Surely nothing will go wrong!


Sarah Palin Senate Run? Alaska Tea Party Thinks She is the Perfect Candidate

A Tea Party group has finally come to America's rescue and discovered ­– or rather, rediscovered – exactly what Washington has been missing for the last few years: it's Sarah Palin.

Benghazi "Cover-Up" Leads to Tea Party Protest of "Liberal" Fox News

The Tea Party doesn't like the new direction Fox News has been taking lately. It's like they can't even recognize them anymore!

Growth and Opportunity Project: New Outreach Plan is Tearing the GOP Apart

The Republican National Committee's Growth and Opportunity Project released its report this week. Turns out much of the Republican Party hates it right out of the gate.

CPAC 2013: Bloggers Are the Front Line Freedom Fighters of the GOP

Digital media is about more than dissemination, it's about conversation and persuasion. The GOP should embrace bloggers as the frontline freedom fighters in their battle for hearts and minds.