As North Carolina’s legislature prepares to reconvene, teachers plan to walk out

“This is the first time in North Carolina that teachers have come together as one group, and in one voice said that this is enough.”


How the teachers strikes are spurring political action ahead of the November midterms

Teachers nationwide are taking political action amid the ongoing teacher strikes.

The teachers strike movement is spreading — and lawmakers are ready to bargain

The Oklahoma teachers strike ended Thursday, but the pro-education movement is still spreading nationwide.

Oklahoma, Kentucky teachers protest as red states follow West Virginia’s lead

Teachers in three red states are following West Virginia's playbook and organizing for their rights.

Why moving to Sweden could fix your life

Sweden has plenty of jobs they need to fill right now.

Freelance workers at these gig economy companies get extra perks to help them make more money

Increased competition for independent contractors at places like TaskRabbit and Uber has resulted in better benefits.

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Alabama public school assigns Ann Coulter and other right-wing pundits as required summer reading

Required reading: 'Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder' and more...

Colorado gun rights group paying for teachers to arm themselves in classrooms

17 teachers have taken up arms to protect Colorado students. Some advocates are not OK with that.

Forget Pride Month — for these queer teachers, LGBTQ education is a year-long process

"I actually feel like we celebrate Pride during the whole school year."

It's 2017 and we're still arguing over whether girls' bra straps are "distracting"

Dueling signs in boys' and girls' bathrooms at a Canadian high school reignite the perennial dress code debate.

Betsy DeVos "refuses to affirm" that she would protect LGBT students from discrimination

Sen. Jeff Merkley grilled Betsy DeVos on protecting students from discrimination in hearing on Trump's budget.

Houston middle school teachers give 7th grader "most likely to be a terrorist" mock award

The teacher gave the award one day after the Manchester bombing.

Betsy DeVos wouldn't rule out giving federal money to schools that discriminate

DeVos did not rule out the possibility that schools that discriminate against students could receive federal funding.

High school reportedly considering expulsion after student wears off-the-shoulder top

Summer, a high school senior, says she's not allowed to walk in graduation for violating the dress code.

Manchester Attack: 8-year-old Saffie-Rose Roussos confirmed dead

She is, so far, the youngest known victim of the attack.

Florida school told black teen her afro was "too extreme," "needs to be fixed"

The school threatened to refund Jenesis Johnson's tuition if she didn't "fix" her hair.

'The Keepers' Netflix Release Time: When to watch the new true crime docu-series

'The Keepers' will be released on Netflix on Friday.

Puerto Rico closes 184 schools after filing for bankruptcy

The debt crisis is about to take a huge toll on the small island.

Teacher-student sex storylines are tired, as proven by 'Blame,' 'Riverdale' and more

None of these stories says anything interesting about a very real crime.

West Virginia teacher under fire for tweeting "ban Islam"

Nitro High School hasn't commented on whether the teacher has been disciplined.

This 6th grader broke her school's dress code on purpose to make a powerful statement

Molly Neuner came to school wearing a tank top — and a message.

Florida teacher fired for asking racist and sexist homework questions

Uncovering racial bias can be tricky business.

New Jersey elementary school under fire for slave auction reenactment

A substitute teacher at Jefferson Elementary School had a fifth grade class act out a slave auction.

Tennessee Missing Student: Latest updates on manhunt for teacher Tad Cummins

The latest on the high school teacher who is believed to have abducted his 15-year-old student.

Competition-winning 4th grade robotics team told to "go back to Mexico"

Both fellow competitors and their parents participated in the taunting, according to the 'Indianapolis Star'.

Houston high school teacher James Bretney under investigation for anti-Muslim tweets

He tweeted: "Embrace Islam and you embrace death."

5th grade NJ students asked to make slave auction posters for history assignment

The school has called a community meeting to discuss the slave auction assignment.

Hawaii teacher refuses to teach undocumented children, he says in staff email

"Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else. If they are here in the U.S. illegally, I won't teach them."

These schools are closed because of the women's strike today

Several schools have seen such high rates of participation in the strike, they've been forced to close.