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The Israeli Men's CrossFit Team Just Made a Huge Statement on Gender Fluidity in Sports

"You can wear whatever you want if you're throwing this kind of weight around."

This Texas Pastor May Have Just Falsely Accused Whole Foods of Writing "Fag" on His Cake

Whole Foods says they did not write "fag" on a customer's cake.

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Mike Rice Firing: Fox News Says It Was a "Wuss" Move

Our culture is not in decline because Mike Rice, a violent and homophobic basketball coach, was fired for offending his team and children, even though Fox News thinks so.

Who Will Win March Madness?

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March Madness 2013: Join PolicyMic's March Madness Pool!

Fill out the PolicyMic pool for your chance to prove your NCAA tournament predicting prowess.

Join the PolicyMic March Madness Pool!

Fill out the PolicyMic pool for your chance to prove your NCAA tournament predicting prowess.