What Maui taught a tech entrepreneur about family, loyalty, and leadership

How a stint in a tropical paradise changed an IT expert’s life forever.

MoviePass users complain they can’t cancel the service. The company says it’s a “bug.”

MoviePass’ terms of service notes that tapping cancel on your subscription in the app isn’t enough.

Google is tracking your location even when you ask it to stop, study shows. Here’s the fix.

The report, which was published Monday, shows Google still tracks users’ movements.

In an ACLU test, Amazon’s facial recognition tech wrongly matched mugshots to 28 members of Congress

Amazon needs to update how it teaches its artificial intelligence.

Facebook to remove fake content meant to start violence from its platform

The social network will immediately start removing posts meant to cause violence.

Google was hit with a record-setting $5 billion fine. Here’s how your Android phone might change.

The European Union said that the search engine company is violating antitrust laws.

LGBTQ equality in corporate America: Where are all the queer CEOs?

The age of marriage equality has pressured companies to become more inclusive, but leadership is still often dominated by straight white men.

Kayak’s new tool wants to solve one of the biggest problems in travel: planning a group trip

Organizing your sister's bachelorette party for 30 of her closest friends is no longer a complete nightmare.

Buy a car in 2018: Whether used or new, how to get the best deal — and save on insurance and more

What used cars for sale and car insurance is best for you? To save money and make smart choices on your wheels — if you plan to ditch car rentals for good — follow these 7 auto buying tips.

Altruistic robotics: Using tech for public health and safety

Looking for ways that robots are improving our health? Look no further than the factory floor.

How makers democratize the manufacturing industry

The maker movement reimagines the concept of the “factory.”

Need stress relief? 3 simple steps to feel better about life and happier at work every day

Here's how to start feeling better every day — and stop taking work stress home with you — by better blocking out your time.

Apple iPhone 8 Release: Here is why people who live outside the US are lining up here to buy it

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are Apple's most expensive phones yet — and they're even pricier abroad.

Paid Post: From robotics to space travel, 5 surprising ways oil fuels innovation

Advancements in science and technology unexpectedly depend on natural gas and oil products.

Obama, Clinton campaign veteran team pledges $1.5 million to progressive political tech companies

The GOP holds the White House and Congress. Tech progressives are trying to change that.

What is 4-D printing? The new frontier of 3-D printing could revolutionize space exploration

The fourth dimension is time — and that could change everything.


Oculus founder reportedly developing a virtual border wall

Palmer Luckey is hoping for a tech comeback by developing a virtual border wall for President Donald Trump.

Major group for women in tech cancels Uber partnership after "serious accusations"

Uber "has not been an active partner" and is facing "serious accusations" of sexual harassment.

In 'Fargo' season 3, being technology-averse can have deadly consequences

Does Carrie Coon secretly hate technology?

Tickle Me Elmo's robot insides will give you nightmares for days

Get ready to be weirded out.

Is your future work ID a microchip implant in your body? These workers have made the leap.

Employees at a Swedish company, Epicenter, have already had their hands microchipped.

Science & Food Aid – It’s in the Bag

MIT researchers may have found a simple, science-based solution to waste less food, save money, and feed more: Build a better bag

'Mr. Robot' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Understanding the Terror of the Internet of Things

After that, it's time to stick to old-school technology.

The White House Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Solve Mass Incarceration

Predictive algorithms are more powerful than ever. They should help people stay out of jail.

New DARPA Robots Will Create 3-D Maps of Any Room Before Soldier Raids

VirtualEye will probe a room before a live soldier has to.

The One Problem With the Hyperloop That Nobody's Talking About

The technology is incredible, but there are still some doubts.

Samsung Invents Smart Surfboard That Holds Your Phone — And It Sounds Like a Lame Idea

Do you really want to read messages from trolls while hitting the lip?

Paralyzed Man Uses Brain-Implanted Electrodes to Move Hand by Thinking

This breakthrough moment may be pivotal in helping people who are paralyzed regain mobility.