This is the future of LGBTQ travel

We asked a panel of LGBTQ travel experts to envision what travel looks like in 2030, from inclusive beach getaways to international escapes.

The pope used his Christmas address to call for Middle East peace after Trump’s Jerusalem decis

The leader of the Catholic Church used the Christian holiday to take on Trump's controversial Jerusalem decision.

Israel's complicated relationship with other nations is what makes its food so good

Foods like hummus and sabich can't be pinned down to one place — they draw influences from the Middle East and North Africa.

Britney Spears concert in Israel is delaying the country's primary elections

Traffic concerns mean the pop princess gets July 3 all to herself.

In the Wake of Orlando Shooting, NYC’s 2016 Pride Will Go on — But With New Vigilance

After being rattled by Orlando, the LGBTQ community is getting smarter about how it celebrates Pride.


Tel Aviv Shooting: 5 Dead, 17 Injured At Sarona Market in Israel, Terrorism Suspected

At least three dead, nine injured in Tel Aviv shooting. Authorities investigating as act of terrorism.

The Israeli Men's CrossFit Team Just Made a Huge Statement on Gender Fluidity in Sports

"You can wear whatever you want if you're throwing this kind of weight around."

Scientist Suggests That the Paleo Diet Killed Off the Neanderthals

Did the trendy paleo diet causes the Neanderthals' demise?

Your Friends Don't Actually Like You, Says Science

We don't actually know who our real friends are.

Jerusalem Bombing: Latest News on Bus Explosion That Left Around 20 Dead or Wounded

Flames burned one bus down to its chassis, scorching nearby vehicles.


Cavemen From 400,000 Years Ago Ate Better Meals Than You Do

Put down that Hot Pocket and be ashamed.

Tel Aviv New Year's Day Shooting Leaves at Least 2 Dead, Several Wounded

The motive for Friday's shooting in Tel Aviv was unclear.

Are Men and Women Really Wired Differently? Science Says That's Bullshit

"Think like a man" is a myth we can finally put to bed.

The Fashion Runways We Should Really Be Watching Aren't in New York

New York beauty isn't the only standard that applies.

The 12 Hottest Cities for Tech Far From Silicon Valley and New York City

Tel Aviv, Bangalore, and so much more.

There's Now a Foolproof Way to Detect ADHD

Detecting the disorder may come in the blink of an eye

The 13 Best Cities for LGBT 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or San Francisco

A growing number of cities around the world are surprising hot spots for the LGBT community.


7 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is basically Miami Beach with better views and slightly more Jews.

African Migrants Stage Mass Protests in Israel, Go Largely Ignored in the Mainstream Media

In the wake of a new anti-immigrant bill, tensions are boiling over.

Hassan Rouhani Opens the Door to Peace With Iran — Israel’s Netanyahu Slams It Shut

Iranian President Rouhani wished Jews around the world a Happy New Year, continuing to signal a new era. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu chose to ignore it.

Israel a "Key Target" in U.S. Spying Efforts

A new document leaked by The Washington Post reveals the U.S. considers Israel the country's biggest spy threat. Despite being closely allied, the countries share a history of espionage.

NYC Pride Parade Route: Track Gay Pride March Here

With the recent SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, the gay pride parade couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Track the NYC march here.

'Not By Bread Alone' Review: Deaf-Blind Theater Troupe Makes U.S. Premiere

'Not By Bread Alone' is a theater experience unlike any other. The world's only deaf-blind ensemble offers a tour of their inner world, all while baking bread.

Israel Hamas War: How I Survived the Gaza Rocket Attacks in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv usually doesn't hear warning sirens or get attacked — except on November 15th, when Palestinian airstrikes in the Gaza Strip led to rockets reaching a little too close to home.

Israel Gaza War: The Israeli Media is Nothing But Absolute Propaganda in Its Reporting

Israeli mainstream media has proven to be an exercise in irrelevance and bias to a new extreme. Victimhood is a state of being and a way of life preserved only for Israelis.