The original Tamagotchi is coming back. Sound the alarms, millennials.

Starve your Tamagotchi to death in your backpack all over again.


Pope Francis: "Texting during meals is the start of war"

Also note: Your phone contains more bacteria than a toilet seat, so...

Munich Shooter Ali Sonboly May Have Bought Gun on the Dark Web

It was a reactivated theatrical prop.

Sure, It'll Be Cheap to Travel to the Post-Brexit UK, But You Won't Have Any Fun

Food and drink will cost you a pretty penny.

French Police Officer Killed By Man Who Allegedly Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Larossi Abballa allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before killing a French police officer and his female partner.


Watch 1,300 Sheep Set Upon a Spanish Town and Prepare to Bow to Your Sheepy Overlords

A shepherd fell asleep and his thousand-plus sheep made for the closest city.

Science Has Good News for People With Red Hair

Another reason not to pick on gingers.

A Giant Sphere Was Found in Bosnia and Researchers Aren't Sure Where It Came From

This giant ball could be man-made... or not.

Soon, You'll Be Able to Pay for Stuff With Your Fingerprints in Japan

But convenience comes with a price.


The Apocalypse: Here's When Science Says the World Will End

Science isn't sure exactly when the world will end, so you'd best start prepping for the apocalypse now.

A German Casino Had a Bomb Scare Over What Turned Out to Be a Penis Ring

German officials probably didn't see this one coming.

Will My Phone Automatically Change for Daylight Saving Time? Here's How You Can Be Sure

Will your phone adjust on its own for daylight saving time or should you take extra precautions?