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Why Norwegian TV Shows Are 134 Hours Long

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Love It Or Hate It, 'Glee' Made Young, Gay Characters Mainstream

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Can You Imagine Jon Stewart Getting Pulled Off the Air? It Just Happened in Egypt

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HBO is Cutting Off From Premium Cable in Some Cities, and Time Warner Isn't Happy

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TV's Modern Families Are Not So Modern After All

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Here's Proof That Cable Should Be Afraid Of Netflix

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'Breaking Bad' Series Finale: Why I Didn't Watch It, and When I Will

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Emmy Awards 2013 Highlight Brand New Business Models

This year's Emmy awards signalled a major change for traditional broadcast television. Maybe this time, those affected embrace it instead of fight it, and even look for ways to benefit.

Emmys Snubs 2013: Give Some Love to 'Happy Endings'

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Time Warner Will Survive the CBS Blackout, and So Will You

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Those Who Reject the Art Of Television Are Doomed

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Here's Why Network TV Ratings Are Tanking With Millennials

Traditional TV networks have lost their way in trying to appeal to America’s largest and most diverse generation.

"The Bachelor" Selects Juan Pablo Galavis, First Latino Ever

ABC's "The Bachelor" has ended the stereotype of Hispanic and minority men being "ineligible" bachelors of the network's popular dating reality show.

Diddy's REVOLT Will Be the Perfect Music Channel For Millennials

Puffy is starting his own TV station, and compared it to ESPN, CNN and FOX at a recent press conference.

Morsi House Arrest: Rumors Start to Circulate on Social Media

Mohammad Morsi may be under house arrest, social media claims.

"Game Of Thrones" Red Wedding Breaks All the Rules We're Used to On TV

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