Dallas school police officer slammed a 6th-grader to the ground, fractured her clavicle

The unnamed officer was placed on administrative leave.


Gay man attacked at the Memphis Zoo after being told he's "going to hell"

There was also a gun involved in the incident.

87-year-old visits slave cabin she was born in, now at African-American History Museum

Isabell Megget Lucas's mother lived in the slave cabin until 1981.

Trump's deep public broadcasting cuts will hurt his rural, low-income voters most

Pretty soon PBS will only be funded by viewers like you.

Colorado hospital worker quits after she was asked to delete pride flag screen saver

The pride flag is not neutral enough for this work environment.

Philadelphia police are investigating incident where officer beats teenage girl on video

The teenager was charged with assaulting a police officer.


3-year-old Acen King shot dead by '"road rage" driver in Arkansas

Acen King, 3, is the second toddler to be shot and killed in Little Rock in a month. Neither gunman has been found.

This high schooler's grade was lowered for sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance

"I’m not going to stand for the people who did this to my people."

San Antonio mattress store owner apologizes for 9/11 ad where "Twin Towers" fall down

Owner Mike Bonanno said the video is an "affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11."

Maine Governor Paul LePage goes buck wild after getting hit with accusations of racism

"You little son of a bitch, socialist cocksucker."

Watch Stephen Colbert Take Over a Food Truck Outside the RNC

Colbert was very busy Sunday night.

Muslim Doctor Shot and Stabbed on His Way to Pray at Texas Mosque

The man was on his way to morning prayers in Houston when he was ambushed.

Woman Tries to Save Caged Husky, Ends Up Being an Even Bigger Hero

This woman's social media post saved 13 malnourished animals.

This Fish Was Being Picked On — Until It Got a New Prosthetic Eye

Fish are friends not food.

Alabama 8th Grade Teacher Made Students Take Racist Test With Questions About Crack, Guns

If you give a racist test, how long will your administrative leave be?

Here's How This Gay Restaurant Fought Back After It Was the Target of Homophobic Vandalism

"This was someone who came into my house, my establishment and spray painted a hateful message."


A Man Lost His Eye in a Terrifying E-Cig Explosion

The dangers of vaping.

Michigan Police Officer Buys Car Seat for Man's Daughter After Pulling Him Over

A police officer's good deed is going viral.

College Student's "Provocative" Tinder Profile Picture Got Her Kicked Out of Her Sorority

Shannon Workman was kicked out of Chi Omega for a "provocative" Tinder picture.


Dashcam Video Shows Florida Police Officer Punching Suspect in the Face

The officer was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Peter Liang Shouldn't Serve Time for Akai Gurley Shooting, Says Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson

Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson will ask probation and community service for Liang.

How the World's Unluckiest 3-Legged Pit Bull Stopped an Armed Robbery

Who's a good boy???


Lasers Strike 3 Planes Near Dallas Airport, FAA Confirms

It creates a dangerous situation for pilots.

This Halloween, Teal Is the New Orange

Stickers, not Snickers.

Andy Parker, Father of Slain Virginia Journalist, Makes an Emotional Plea for Gun Control

"Not hearing her voice again crushes my soul."