Temperatures in Iran reached 129 degrees Thursday, marking one of the hottest days ever recorded

Thankfully temperatures are expected to drop to a mere 119 degrees on Friday.


People are way less likely to be helpful when it's hot out, according to study

Sorry, it's too hot out to help you move.

Phoenix heatwave causes American Airlines to cancel 50 flights

Planes may not be able to take off in the 120-degree heat.

Portugal forest fire leaves at least 62 dead, country in national mourning

The country's prime minister called it "the greatest tragedy we have seen in recent years in terms of forest fires."

MIT researchers say Trump misunderstood their climate research

Trump said the Paris agreement wouldn't have much of an effect on global temperature rise. He's wrong.

Climate change is ruining your beauty sleep

According to a new study, the increase in temperature is leading to restless nights.

Scientists are 3-D printing moon bricks made of synthetic lunar soil

It might be the most sustainable approach to building a moon colony.

Climate March 2017: These are the best signs from today's nationwide climate action

Thousands marched around the country on Saturday to protest lack of action to prevent catastrophic global clmate change.

Levels of polar sea ice just hit another record-breaking low

Record-keeping of sea ice started in 1979.

Visiting Antarctica: How to travel to the world's most isolated continent

Ever wanted to visit the coldest place in the world?

Humans are destroying the planet 170x faster than natural forces, scientists say

A new study says humans have rendered nature's impact on the climate "negligible."


Polar Vortex 2016: What it is and how it could make this winter miserable for Americans

Winter is coming: Next week to bring dangerously low temperatures to much of the U.S.

House Science Committee cites white nationalist site in climate change tweet

A scary peak into science under the Trump administration.

The sad truth about Donald Trump and the Paris agreement on climate change

A new IEA report shows climate change is a bigger threat than we might realize.

Starbucks, Nike, and hundreds of other companies beg Donald Trump to fight climate change

Top global companies are urging Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge global warming.

September 2016 was the hottest month on record. Again.

It's the hottest month on record. Have we heard that before?


New research suggests Earth is currently the warmest it's been in over 100,000 years

And we're on track to reach our hottest temperature in 2 million years.

We just lived through the hottest summer on record, according to NASA

This cruel, cruel summer was made possible by climate change.

Physicists discovered particles with 'departure from the familiar laws of thermodynamics'

This could have a big impact on future research.

July 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history

If you thought last month was unseasonably warm, you were totally right.

Venus May Have Once Been Habitable, New Research Suggests

There's some intriguing news about Venus, our nearest planet neighbor.


NOAA's "State of the Climate" report reveals the horrifying records we shattered in 2015

We're pushing the environment closer to the point of no return.

Jupiter's Giant Red Spot Is Also Red-Hot

We finally have an explanation for why Jupiter's atmosphere is so hot.

Every Month in 2016 Has Broken a Temperature Record — And We Should Be Scared

For the first time ever, NASA created a mid-year climate report — because this year is so goddamn out-of-control hot.

It's the Hottest Year In History — For the Ninth Consecutive Time

This could be bad news for the planet.

One Graph Reveals How Much Global Temperatures Have Spiked Since 1880

Every single month this year has broken a temperature record.


Science Says Freezing Coffee Beans Before Grinding Them Yields a Better Batch of Brew

This'll bring the best bag of beans even closer to perfection.

May Is the 8th Consecutive Month to Break Global Temperature Records

There's a bigger problem behind the abnormally high temperatures.

Coffee Isn't Linked to Cancer — But Extremely Hot Drinks Are

Coffee isn't linked to cancer… as long as you drink it at a normal temperature.

Bangladeshi Inventor Creates Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Out of Plastic Bottles

The eco-cooler uses old plastic waters and no electricity to be one of the most eco-friendly AC units yet.