Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol destroyed

The suspect appears to have broadcast the crash on Facebook Live.

Pope Francis subtweeting Donald Trump is the best thing you'll see all week

The pontiff has a pointed message for Trump about his immigration policies.

Students in Texas Are Learning Some Ridiculous History About Segregation

These new textbooks shouldn't be in front of students.


This is What a Satanic Temple Wants to Send to the Oklahoma State Legislature

The 10 Commandments sculpture in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol may soon have company.

6 Wild Quotes From Christopher Hitchens That Will Remind You Why You're An Atheist

Hitch may have passed on, but his words still ring loud and clear.

Guess Which Cereal Icon From Your Childhood Is Now Accused Of Being Part Of The Gay Agenda

Oh noes! "The" gay agenda has now infiltrated our breakfast cereal! Or: How right-wing Christians are desperately seeking attention.

Awesome Group Creates Atheist Monument, Intolerant Christians Flip Out

An atheist group erected its own monument and others responded by throwing a toilet at it, parading around Confederate flags, and carrying signs with the words, "Yankees Go Home" on them.

Marc Carson Killing: Does the Bible Provide Justification For Hate Crimes Against Gays?

The often cited Bible verse Leviticus 20:13 is used to justify homophobia. As a society we have rejected much from the book of Leviticus, shouldn't this verse also be rejected.


Greg Laurie: Outrage Mounts After Anti-Gay Pastor Chosen to Lead Pentagon Prayer

Pastor Greg Laurie lead several National Day of Prayer events on Thursday. Groups have protested his choice due to controversial statements he has made in the past.

Ridiculous Lawsuit Over First Amendment Rights Shows Americans Need to Get Over Being Offended

The ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are suing a middle school over a religiously-themed painting hung in the school's hallway, while the Liberty Institute defends it.

Adam Lanza Shooting: American Family Association Leader Bryan Fischer Blames Mass Killing on Lack of God In School

In the wake of one of the nation's biggest tragedies, evangelical group American Family Association spokesperson Bryan Fischer is demanding we return prayer to public schools.

Presidential Polls 2012: 12 Reasons They Do Not Matter, From George Carlin

From stupid people to political correctness, and cigar-smoking businessmen to warmongering, George Carlin explains everything you need to know about the demoralizing futility of election 2012.

Religion in Schools: All Public Schools Should Offer Bible Courses

Bible classes offer great benefits in helping students to realize the importance of education while also preparing them for the rigors of college.