Franklin, Tennessee, has the whiskey and war history to rival Nashville

Just 20 miles south of Music City, Franklin has long drawn Civil War history buffs and spirits lovers.

Musician Brad Paisley is opening a free grocery store for low-income families — here’s how it works

Country star Brad Paisley and his wife, actor Kimberly Williams-Paisley, want to tackle the large problem of food insecurity in Nashville.

Schools across the South are being legally required to make it clear, “In God we trust”

Parents and organizations are pushing back as the motto gets implemented in schools across the South.

Coming up this week in politics: Paul Manafort trial begins as Trump rallies in swing states

Paul Manafort's trial will finally begin, as Trump meets with an European ally and rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania.

We commissioned a mural to drive tourism in my hometown — then small-town politics came into play

My town is most famous for Bonnaroo, the music festival that kicked off Thursday. But recently, it’s been in the middle of a First Amendment fight.

Backlash against California sanctuary law grows as Santa Clarita votes to oppose the measure

The California communities' revolt is part of a broader conservative backlash against sanctuary policies.

The Poor People’s Campaign begins anew on the 50th anniversary of Memphis sanitation workers’ strike

The Poor People’s Campaign — an effort pioneered by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. before his assassination — is being revived with the goal of ending poverty as a matter of morality.

Road Trip Diaries: 6 incredible stops between Atlanta and Nashville

Paddle the Tennessee River, shop for treasures in unclaimed luggage and taste the original Alabama-style barbecue sauce on the drive from Atlanta to Nashville.

Billy Hargrove from ‘Stranger Things 2’ is the perfect Trump-era villain

The anger and racism seething inside Billy parallels the white rage that fueled Trump's rise.

White nationalist rally in Tennessee canceled amid massive counterprotester turnout

It was to be the second white nationalist rally of the day in Tennessee.

White nationalist alliance plans “White Lives Matter” rally for Tennessee

This could be the most significant meeting of white nationalist groups since Charlottesville.

Could the future of the Republican party be decided in Tennessee?

Whether you know a lot or a little about the home of country music, Tennessee's Republican Senate primary will say a lot about the direction of the party.

Equifax credit freeze: Why to do this after the data breach — and how much it costs in each US state

Equifax data breach got you down? Here's how to freeze your credit and keep scammers from destroying your finances.

This is the best free thing to do in every state in America

Whoever said, "Nothing in life is free" hasn't checked out our list of free things to do in the United States.

Escaped Georgia inmates arrested after car chase in Tennessee, according to Georgia Governor

The chase, which concluded in their capture after a three-day manhunt, shut down the Tennessee interstate.

Bonnaroo 2017 Livestream Lineup: Full schedule and where to watch online

Lorde, Tegan and Sara and more will be performing at the music festival.


Andrew Jackson: Donald Trump might want to rethink his opinion of our 7th president

Maybe Trump should stop praising this guy.

Twitter is roasting Donald Trump for clarifying he knows when Andrew Jackson died

Trump, who said Andrew Jackson was "really angry" about the Civil War, tried to clarify he knew Jackson died in 1845.

While praising Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump wonders aloud, "Why was there the Civil War?"

Donald Trump apparently forgot about slavery in America.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: "Choose Life" vanity plates, "junk science" and more

A new study from the Guttmacher Institute provides even more reasons to make birth control accessible.

Future 2017 tour with Migos: Concert dates, locations and how to buy tickets

Find out when the rapper is coming to a city near you.


Yale renamed Calhoun College — but these schools still have racist building names

Many colleges and universities in the United States are still paying tribute to racists and bigots on their buildings' facades.

Jailed for a year, woman who tried to self-induce abortion pleads guilty to felony charge

Anna Yocca agreed to plead guilty in exchange for her release.

New Year's 2017 Forecast: Weather predictions for New Year's Day and New Year's Eve

Here's your New Year's Eve and New Year's Day forecast.

Chattanooga school bus crash kills 6, injuries 23; bus driver charged

Photos from the scene showed the school bus laying on its side, wrapped around a tree.

Tennessee woman receives three new felony charges for attempting to self-induce abortion

Anna Yocca tried to end her pregnancy with a coat hanger in September 2015.


Is it legal to take a selfie in the ballot booth? Here's what each state allows.

Know the rules before you take that snap.

Is it illegal to take photos in a voting booth? And other Election Day dos and don'ts

Don't be like Justin Timberlake. Follow the rules.

These are the states where Donald Trump is leading in the polls

Donald Trump is leading in several states, but that still won't be enough to win the White House.

Meet the activists fighting to save Tennessee's children from "Islamic indoctrination"

A potential preview of Donald Trump's America