A Berkeley professor's firing is just the latest in a pattern of harassment on UC campuses

UC Berkeley has fired professor Blake Wentworth nearly two years after finding him guilty of sexual harassment.

UC Berkeley puts dean accused of sexual harassment on sabbatical instead of firing him

He will also receive funding for his research and remain a faculty member "in good standing" until his "voluntary" resignation.

New report reveals 25 UCLA employees accused of sexual harassment between 2013 and 2016

A former dean at the university had 26 sexual harassment allegations leveled against him alone.

This anonymous Wesleyan student is posting flyers calling 3 professors "sexual predators"

The anonymous student said there may be more to come.

Protests to continue against UCLA professor accused of sexually assaulting 2 students

Students say they'll protest Gabriel Piterberg's class again on Wednesday.

Latina student Tiffany Martinez used "hence" in a paper, professor said she plagiarized

"This is not your language."


Wesleyan dean fired after Boston Globe uncovers years-old sexual misconduct allegations

The university says they had no knowledge of the allegations against Backer when they hired him in 2007.

The Most Shocking Part of This Seattle Professor's Racist Encounter Wasn't the Racism

Only one customer spoke up after the assault.

Ivy League Professor Kicked Off Plane For Writing "Arabic Symbols," aka Math Equations

The woman sitting next to him thought something didn't add up.

JPMorgan Exec Explains How To Survive College in Epic Company-Wide Email

You may not want to hear this advice, which is exactly why you owe it to yourself to read it.


10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

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Why Students Judge Female Professors More Harshly

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Harvard Professor Proves You Can Buy Your Way Into Science

A hoax paper submitted to hundreds of academic journals got accepted ... for a fee.

The One Kind Of Discrimination That Nobody's Talking About

Are divorced fathers discriminated against in the workplace?

For Women, Academia is Still a Man's World

Women who want families hit a barrier that men never face, says Mary Ann Mason, a professor at Berkeley.

Olivia Sprauer: High School Teacher Fired For Modeling Swimsuits

Olivia Sprauer was canned for her work as a "glamour" model, raising questions about whether teachers are safe to pursue less extreme versions of part-time work in the modeling industry.

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories: Professor Says Scene "Not Bloody Enough" to Be Real

It's bad enough that images of the injured are being broadcast around the world. A Florida professor questioning the validity of their pain crosses the line.

College Tuition: How America Can Lower It

Are sleek buildings, legions of service workers and overpaid executive personnel necessary to obtain a great education? Probably not.

Prop 37 Battle: NAACP Betrays Its Mission By Opposing This Genetically Engineered Food Bill

A battle is raging over a ballot measure in California that would require the labeling of foods that have been genetically engineered (GE). So why does the NAACP oppose it?


The Real Answer to America's Education Problems

How can we expect students to reach for their full potential, when their teachers are not held accountable for their actions?