A Tesla Model S was just hacked from 12 miles away

A researcher was even able to control the brakes.

Watch a Tesla Model S burst into flames during a test drive

The passengers made it out safely.

Tesla Autopilot Crashes Shouldn't Scare You — Unless You're Elon Musk

Autopilot is scary, but not that scary.

Norway Plans to Abolish Gas-Powered Cars By 2025, Becoming First Country to Do So

This Scandinavian country is making Elon Musk a very happy, wealthy man.

Driverless Cars Will Mean More F*cking Behind the Wheel

Let's pray for tinted windows.

Elon Musk Says the Next Tesla Will Be Even Cheaper Than the Tesla 3

Soon we'll all have Teslas. Maybe.

They’re Letting People Pre-Order a Tesla Model 3 an Hour Early — Here’s How

Surprise! Elon Musk wants to you begin pre-ordering the Tesla Model 3 earlier to preserve the Tesla Motor website's server.

Tesla Model 3 Event Livestream 2016: How to Watch Tesla Motors' Big Reveal Online

Tesla is unveiling its Model 3 on Thursday to only 800 in-person guests and the internet. Here's how to watch.

Tesla Model 3 Release Date, Price, Specs and Possible Features to Expect

Tesla Model 3 will be more affordable to the masses. Here's what we know about Tesla's newest electric car.

Tesla Recalls Model S Over Possible Seat Belt Malfunction — Here's What to Know

The recall involved tens of thousands of vehicles.

Tesla S Consumer Reports Rating Downgraded to "Worse Than Average"

Consumer Reports changed their mind.

Tesla Model X’s Biodefense Mode Protects You From Nuclear Fallout

If you're worried about bioweapons, this might be your car.

Tesla Model X Live Stream: Watch Live Coverage of Model X Reveal

Oprah's totally a Tesla fan.

Porsche Mission E: Concept, Photos, Specs and Range of Porsche's Electric Sports Car

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Elon Musk Has a Radical Plan to Put More Electric Cars on the Road

No automobile manufacturer has ever done anything like this before.

Tesla Battery Exchange: The Game-Changing Auto Innovation That Will Make Electric Cars a Thing

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk wipes out one of the biggest benefits gas-powered cars have over electric cars by revealing exchangeable batteries for the Model S.


Tesla Loan Repaid Nearly 10 Years Ahead Of Schedule Thanks to "Best Car Ever Tested"

Tesla Motors announced Wednesday that it has repaid its $465 million loan to the Department of Energy, in large part thanks to the Model S which has been called the "best car ever tested."

Tesla Motors Stock (TSLA): Hits All-Time High, And Has Car Called "Best Ever"

Wave after wave of good news about Tesla Motors washed over it today. It is a very good day for CEO Elon Musk and a bad one for the company's critics.

New York Times Tesla Controversy: Electric Car Future Strong Regardless Of Tussle

Though the highly-publicized dust-up between Tesla Motors and the Times has put both in a bad light, there's no changing the fact that electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are the future.