As Harvey pummels residents, Texas to restrict weather-related insurance claims

Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey only have a few days to file their insurance claims before new restrictions go into effect.

Bill that would fine men for masturbating moves forward in Texas legislature

The Man's Right to Know Act is billed as satirical — but it proves an excellent point about the way men legislate women's bodies.

'Boyhood' director Richard Linklater's "I Pee with LGBT" ad opposes Texas bathroom bill

Texas' bathroom bill is getting even more vocal detractors.

Texans may start mailing used tampons to the governor to protest anti-abortion law

Protesters want to make sure they're complying with a new law requiring all miscarried and aborted fetal tissue to be buried.

California's Minimum Wage Increase Will Hurt the People It Is Meant to Help

California's minimum wage hike will likely impact those who are hurting the most already and send entrepreneurs packing.

MSNBC Anchor Protests Texas Abortion Bill By Sporting Tampon Earrings

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry sported some homemade tampon earrings to show her support for the Texas Department of Public Safety's ban on tampons in the state legislature. Ridiculous.

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Wendy Davis has a long career in front of her — regardless of whether SB 5 becomes law.

The 6 Most Amazing Facial Expressions From Wendy Davis

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3 Ways the "People's Filibuster" in Texas Will Change Politics

The "people's filibuster" of the Texan abortion bill proves the strength of American democracy. The voice of the people ruled over the legislature last night, and changed the face of politics.

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Texas state Senator Wendy Davis is attempting a heroic 13-hour filibuster to block some of the harshest anti-abortion laws ever proposed in America. Can she do it?

Texas Abortion Law: Why You Shouldn't Mess With Texas Women

For the last week, Texas pro-choice protesters have ccupied the Texas Legislature, fighting an anti-abortion bill. They are proof that progressivism exists in red states.