Hype Daily: What to watch on Thanksgiving Day

Here’s your very special Thanksgiving episode of Hype Daily, with all your Thanksgiving recommendations.

This Week in Food and Travel: The best Thanksgiving-themed episodes to watch this holiday weekend

The Thanksgiving episodes of 'Friends,' 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Cheers' all prove that family conflict at the dinner table is universal.

How Native Americans spend Thanksgiving: “This is a time that is a funeral for a lot of us”

For indigenous people, this revisionist Thanksgiving story is whitewashed and erases a long history of tragedy associated with the holiday,

How to be less of a garbage person: A guide to recycling your holiday gift packages and Amazon boxes

When you order something online, the package contains a whole lot more than what you added to your virtual shopping cart.

Not sure what to stream over Thanksgiving weekend? Try these shows, movies and specials.

We've got your streaming options covered.

Food, family and fights: How the sitcom Thanksgiving has — and hasn’t — changed over time

From food fights to raw turkeys, here are some of the most memorable Thanksgiving meals in sitcom history.

The presidential turkey pardoning is a cruel tradition — here’s what happens after the big day

The birds who have the honor of being pardoned are shampooed and dusted with baby powder "to make them glisten and get soft before meeting the president."

This Week in Politics: A few House midterm races still up in the air as Trump pardons a turkey

Politicians will take a break for Thanksgiving this week, though the political controversies over Robert Mueller's investigation and the death of Jamal Khashoggi will continue.

Stories That Pay Off: How much money does Starbucks make off the pumpkin spice latte?

In 2017, Starbucks sold as many as 350 million PSLs.

Thanksgiving 2018 airfare deals: The best time to book a cheap flight for holiday travel

Both Hipmunk and Google have released new data on the best times to book Thanksgiving travel.

Career Advice: This is the best month and time of year to apply for a new job

When is the best time to apply for a job? Here's what data and experts suggest is the smartest season, month, day of the week and time of day to job hunt.

Thanksgiving is over. The season for awkward political conversation isn’t.

A new poll has revealed that you aren't alone in avoiding talking about politics this Thanksgiving.

The case for arguing with your Trump-supporting relatives this Thanksgiving

Speaking with people who disagree with you requires more than talking points. It requires courage, confidence and comfort with knowing you might argue and they might get mad at you.

Native women tell the real history of Thanksgiving

Most of what is taught in schools about the holiday features pilgrims and native people sitting down to share a happy meal. But these women say history tells a different story.

Mic Wakeup: Everything you need to know to prep for Thanksgiving the right way

It's Wednesday, Nov. 22. Here are three Thanksgiving stories you need to read.

2017 Holiday Shopping Secrets: 7 hacks to save money on everything you buy, every time

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Forget about it — you can pay less for purchases every remaining day of the year with a few genius shopping secrets and tricks to get a deal every time you shop.

How to be Thanksgiving chic: A guide to the perfect loungewear for your inevitable bloat

This is a holiday about comfort. Embrace it.

15 easy tricks to make Thanksgiving cooking less stressful

These cooking and organization hacks will give you more time to actually enjoy the holiday.

Black Friday 2017: 5 sneaky signs a deal isn’t actually worth it

Black Friday deals are a mixed bag. Here’s how to find the best 2017 discounts — and avoid the worst ones — by decoding retailers’ sneakiest tricks.

Black Friday 2017: Top deals at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & more, plus coupons & store hours

Your ultimate guide to the very best Black Friday discounts — at Kohl's, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others — plus coupons, 2017 store hours and info on freebies (hello, free coffee)!

It’s now possible to eat every Thanksgiving flavor in snack form

You no longer have to wait for the official meal to get a taste of Thanksgiving.

Meet Marge, the 81-year-old turkey expert that helps thousands cook Thanksgiving dinner

The Illinois-based Thanksgiving expert has been a calming phone presence for 35 years.

Mic Wakeup: Here’s how to save a ton of cash over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend

It's Wednesday Nov. 15. Here's what you need to know to save serious cash over the holiday weekend.

Pre-Black Friday Sales: BS or a good deal? Why the best 2017 trick to save money is all about timing

Black Friday stress you out? This is how to skip it and get the best deals through early bird — or late — holiday shopping.

Avoid Thanksgiving traffic with new data from Google Maps

If you'll be in a car this Thanksgiving, this new data from Google Maps can help make the ride more bearable.

Christmas & Thanksgiving 2017 Survival Tips: 5 secrets to cheap holiday flights & stress-free travel

Christmas and Thanksgiving are around the corner and it's getting tough to save money on airfare and more. These secrets to cheap holiday travel will eliminate stress and help prevent overspending.

Expats share their tips on celebrating Thanksgiving abroad

The dishes, from turkey shawarma to sausage stuffing to green bean casserole, are a way to connect with community and feel at home.

Cooks and food bloggers share their internationally inspired Thanksgiving traditions

These appetizers, sides and desserts hail from around the world.

Thanksgiving Travel Deals 2017: Best last-minute tips to save on flights, hotels, rental cars & more

Travel deals for Thanksgiving 2017 are popping up all around — if you know where to look.