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5 Reasons Pete Campbell is the 'Mad Men' Character We Love to Hate

On a show filled with miserable people doing terrible things, Pete Cambell of "Mad Men" has the distinction of being the most reviled.

Summer Activities in D.C. 2013: A Social Butterfly's Guide to Nats Baseball

Tricked by the Dodgers' brawl into thinking baseball could be the new hockey? Looking for more fun, social things to do in D.C. this summer? Try a Nats game!

'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Are Humans the New Villains?

In the season premiere, we find ourselves on the brink of a vampire-human war.

9 Things Every College Student Should Do At Least Once Before Graduation

Hey kids, don't you dare throw your cap in the air without doing these nine things. They are important.

Princeton Review: Should Stanford Really Be Proud Of Being America's "Dream School?"

The Princeton Review just ranked Stanford University as the number one "Dream School." Is this really the image Stanford wants, though?

5 Things That Will Probably Happen At Your 5-Year High School Reunion

Some predictions for your first high school reunion ... Enjoy!

'The Kill Team' Movie Review: Film a Reminder That War Ruins Everyone

The documentary shows us what we already knew: that war destroys everyone, just as it always has, for centuries, for thousands upon thousands of years.

Justin Bieber's Anne Frank House Controversy: In Defense of Stupidity

Why do we care so much about these dumb celebrity stories?

'Girls' Season 2 Episode 5: Hannah Dates a Doctor, Trouble Ensues

Hannah, who is impossible to like in this episode, stumbles into a world of maturity and wealth when she begins seeing a doctor. In the words of Destiny’s Child, “I don’t think she can handle it"

Once Upon a Time Season 2: Spoilers, Premiere, and Review

Once upon a time is here to remind us that sometimes fiction should serve as a relief to the troubles of everyday, rather than an enhancement upon them.

Person of Interest Season Premiere Review: Why I Want Jim Caviezel to Be my Life Coach

"Person of Interest" is like an "X-Files" for the surveillance-state generation, but better.


New Climate Change Study Proves Climate Change Will Cause 6 Million Annual Deaths by 2030

The exact numbers aren’t particularly important. What’s important is that we are facing a future with a new suite of issues that are already affecting global health and poverty.

The Politics of Fluff: How Politicians Say Everything Without Saying Anything at All

In the United States, politicians respond to the people. If we want real debate that solves problems, we need to raise our standards.

McDonald's Photoshopped Burger: Fast Food Marketing Tries and Fails to Project Total Honesty

McDonald's new Canadian advertising campaign is a gesture towards transparency but actually doesn't tell us anything we don't already know.

What Kony 2012 Part II Still Doesn't Address: The West Cannot 'Save' Africa

Invisible Children's follow-up video is much more grounded in facts. But it’s still problematic, by insisting that Western outside saviors will solve the problems in Uganda.