Two ICE detainees have died in Georgia in the span of two days

A tragic development in President Donald Trump's war on immigrants.

Donald Trump just attacked civil rights hero John Lewis on Twitter

After Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis called Trump not a "legitimate president," Trump took the low road.

Atlanta Uber Driver Shooting Update: Driver in stable condition, police seek suspects

An Uber driver was shot early Thursday morning while dropping off a fare in Atlanta.

If you think #TeacherBae's outfit is inappropriate, these 4 issues may really make you mad

Black teachers and students are dealing with issues far more serious than Patrice Brown's wardrobe.

Piedmont Park Hanging: Twitter Disputes Police Statement That Black Man's Death Is Suicide

An investigation into the cause of death is ongoing, officials say.

The Dark Truth Behind America's Most Beloved Fast Food Chain

Do tastebuds trump politics?


Georgia Parents Got "Mystical Religion" of Yoga Banned From School

These parents have no chill.

Who Killed Bankroll Fresh? Rapper's Shooting Sparks Investigation for Motives and Suspects

Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed on Friday. Police are currently investigating the death.

Who Is Kanye West's Dad? Lyrics and Meaning Behind "Father Stretch My Hands"

Who is Ray West, the inspiration for Kanye's "Father Stretch My Hands"?

These Are the Racist Facebook Posts That Got Georgia Official Jeremy Spencer Fired

"Freedom of speech doesn't come with freedom from consequences."

Watch a High School Graduation Ceremony Turn Super Racist in Seconds

This is supremely uncomfortable.

Young Jeezy Just Gave an Amazing Christmas Present to 200 Inner-City Kids

Way to pay it forward, Jeezy.

This Woman Said "F*ck the Police" — and Won a $100,000 Lawsuit Over it

Cursing out cops may be protected speech.

The Quote That Might Have Sunk One Republican's Senate Campaign

"People do that all day."

Georgia Obsesses Over Fetuses While Being One Of the Most Dangerous States For Kids

It seems that for Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, the importance of a child's right to life ends after birth.


Meet the Congressmen Declining Their Pay During the Shutdown

Do not be fooled by these congresmen's attempts to relate to the suffering of furloughed workers during the shutdown. It's all a show.

Morehouse College: Four Athletes Accused Of Sexual Assault

When will the epidemic of campus sexual assault stop?